What Character Could Work in a Musical?

Was watching the “Cats” trailer, and it got me thinking about musicals, which in turn led me here: what DC character (if any) could actually “work” as a musical?
For me, I would have to pick Captain Marvel/Shazam. It’s the story of a plucky orphan who gets magic powers from a wizard he meets on the Subway to become an adult and then fights alien worms and mad scientists and has adventures with his friends. Big budget? Absolutely, but it’s also a story that runs on pure wish fulfillment and dream logic. Musicals THRIVE on that kind of detachment from reality, as story is dictated less by traditional structure and more by characters stopping in the middle of a scene and bursting into song, then going about their business like nothing happened. If anything, the two might actually pair pretty well together.


Music Meister.


Definitely Music Meister

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Pied Piper and Black Canary come to mind as well.

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Well, we have a supergirl Flash musical already so ANYTHING is possible.

I wanna see a Deathstroke musical. I don’t know why, and there’s no way it would work, but I think it would be like a really bad car crash that you just can’t look away from.

Also, if we follow that logic, I wanna see a Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen adapted into musicals as well.


@Tornadooup: I almost feel like Watchmen would make a decent opera, but I have no idea whatsoever why I think that because I’ve never seen an opera and don’t know what constitutes a good one.

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If Watchmen was a musical, would Dr. Manhatten dance around in the nude or wear his black shorts?



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Jason Blood/Etrigan, a very Faust premise.



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Now that I hear the Deathstroke musical I wouldn’t mind seeing it. It sounds like something that would never work until it comes out and ends up being amazing.


Negative Man has already done it in the wonderful Danny Patrol episode of Doom Patrol. A musical episode in season 2 would be great.

  They nearly made a Batman musical back around the turn of the century.  Jim Steinman was working on the songs, but the debut of the (butchered) American version of Dance of the Vampires, his other musical pet project, sounded the death knell for it.  The demo tracks aren't hard to find, if you're interested (they're all on Youtube), some fans have also posted songs of their own, inspired by the demo tracks.  Look up "Joker" and "Ribbons of Blood" on Youtube and give it a try.  
  If you don't know who Jim Steinman is, he worked with Meatloaf (two of the songs he wrote for the Batman musical wound up on Bat Out Of Hell III), as well as many other people (he wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart).  I kind of wish this had been made.  It would have been interesting, at least.

Inferior 5. Really. Think about it.

Booster Gold is made for Broadway

The riddler, he would have his own version of Fiddler on the Roof, obviously named Riddler on the Roof. Just need some interesting casting options.

The Joker and Harley Quinn would be a good topic for a musical

Music Meister

Kirby’s New Gods would be a great Wagnerian opera.

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