What book do you want made ?!

Ok so you have a favorite superhero or team but they don’t get no respect because there is no BooK! Now what superhero book that deserves to have a collection of books made about them and the respect on there name! I will tell you my pick he is part of Young Justice and is even in the Teen Titans but why oh why is this wildly popular member of the Superfamily and I’m talking about Superboy! This is the characters that is the 1990s Superboy. While yes Superboy has only book 1 trouble in paradise is the beginning of this epic character is out now. Although, the sad part it has been out since January of 2018 where is Book two for Superboy. I’m telling you this character deserves to have his 90s run told and collected for our graphic novel enjoyment and its made even more sad when Superboy is one of the founding members of Young Justice and its book 5 just came out. So I beg the DC Comics higher ups to please release the rest of the Superboy books . To all my fellow DC Universe future infinite comics fans to tell me what other heroes deserve thier stories told and you want to put the complete collection on your bookshelf and think in your head that is as beautiful as the Mona Lisa hanging on your wall. Im going to be honest I’m looking forward to your comments. Also let me shout out @Kon-El @SuperBoy-Prime @SuperboyFan


I’d like to see Shade the Changing Man from the Vertigo imprint. It only saw three trades and stopped. That might not be an issue with the new DC app coming in January though. It’s a shame that all of the 80’s Green Arrow hasn’t been available.

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The Question series from 1987 is LONG overdue for a reprint. It’s nearly impossible to find volume 1 on the secondary market.