What are your top 10 episodes of Smallville?

What are your favorite and/or top 10 episodes of Smallville? Feel free to include why you love each one or what are the best moments in the series as a whole. Mine are:

  1. Rosetta (s02 ep17)-Clark learns about Krypton
  2. Pilot (s01 ep 01)-Lex crashes his car into Clark
  3. Reckoning (s05 ep12)-Clark proposes to Lana. Senate election results between Jonathan and Lex
  4. Exile (s03 ep1)-Clark on red Kryptonite in Metropolis
  5. Memoria (s03 ep19)- Lex recovers repressed memories of his brother Julian’s murder
  6. Promise (s06 16)-Lex and Lana’s wedding day
  7. Shattered (s03 ep8)-Morgan Edge gives Lex evidence against his father. Lionel has Lex declared insane
  8. Covenant (s03 ep22)-Girl appears at Kent farm. Lionel found guilty of parents murder
  9. Onyx (s04 ep17)-Lex splits into two beings – one good, one evil
  10. Tempest (s02 ep1)-Clark searches for Jonathan in aftermath of tornado



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I can’t think of ten favorites right offhand, but “Booster” is my favorite. Written by Geoff Johns with a perfectly cast and played Booster Gold and when I saw it the first time, there was a moment where I kept thinking “Put the suit on already Clark!”. I haven’t seen the episode in a while but I think Clark is in a phone booth or somewhere where he could’ve put it on.

“Legion” was good too as was Kara’s first appearance (don’t know the name of the episode). I also enjoy any episode with a focus on Jonathan and Martha.


Not gonna lie. The ones with Lois rise to the top for me. Erica and Tom had excellent chemistry and, well, yeah, she’s gorgeous. Same goes for the first Zatanna episode. Otherwise, the Justice Society episodes would be in my top 10 as well as the ones featuring the LSH. I wasn’t a huge fan of the series, not watching every single one during its initial run, and not a fan of the Oliver-Lois relationship. But I tuned back whenever they’d feature a geek-worthy introduction from the DCU.


Vroom, the show was definitely well cast for all the DCU guest stars and the regular cast. This is my favorite version of the Kents, with Dianne Lane a close second. Martha is the perfect mother as played by Annette O’Toole. The writers and actors always found a way to keep them interesting. Thinking back I remember one of the freaks of the week telling Clark, “THAT’S YOUR MOM? Man she’s hot!” Lol. They were a hip attractive couple. Like how Aunt May just keeps getting younger and sexier.

I agree @Frankthetank, Erica was a perfect Lois. At first she seemed to interrupt the balance of the show because Chloe and Pete filled the Lois and Jimmy rolls, but eventually the writers figured it out. My memories are more specific to seasons 1-6 because I watched them over and over as a teenager, then dropped off for a while and watched the remainder of the series only once for the most part. However, there are many episodes that I loved from the second half of the show’s life too. Here’s hoping the JSA is just as cool, if not better than they were here in the new Stargirl series for DC Universe. I’ve always thought that that two-parter alone should have launched these characters into the mainstream and earned them their own show.

Martha is quite pretty in Smallville. I had a thing for Lana in Superman III too when I was ten, so “Yay Annette!”

I’d say Smallville has my favorite version of the Kents. I love Glenn Ford in Superman: The Movie and the DCEU nailed Jonathan but both of them got a great focus on Smallville. I really liked when Jonathan stood up to Jor-El (his essence at least). Plus he was a nice, comfortable, fun dad.


In no particular order, my favorites include Reckoning, Alicia’s first and last appearances, Transference, Memoria, Promise, Supergirl’s first appearance, and Stiletto.

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Any episode with Lana or Lois, and the Zatanna episode. Kristen, Erica, and Serinda are jaw droppers.

How could I forget Rosetta? That is the one with Christopher Reeve, right?

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@Sushi-Volcano Transference is great and one of my favs. What a fun time it was. The series wouldn’t have been the same without Lionel. Originally included it in top ten but it got bumped:(

Vroom, thats right👍. Chris passing on the mantle was amazing. A series high, which is why it’s my #1. Perfectly crafted episode. John Williams music and John Snieder’s acting took the last scene into the stratosphere.

@JimRS3 a very attractive cast, yes. But I’m not sure there was a single episode that didn’t feature either Lana or Lois, so that doesn’t narrow it down. You must’ve liked every episode lol. Of course I could be wrong. Whoever can pinpoint any episode that is devoid of both Lana and Lois wins a meteor rock!

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