What Are Your Thoughts on Mera: Queen of Atlantis

I think it is the definitely the best Aquaman miniseries and maybe the best one under the DC Universe comics branding. I like how Orm has a family and how intense it is underwater. The conflict is soo interesting and the art is amazing.

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I have not finished it yet, so no spoilers!

I am almost done though!

A fine read. Between this mini and the Mera: Tidebreaker OGN, she’s been the star of some quality solo tales over the last two years.

I really liked it a lot! I thought the dynamic between Mera and Orm was really compelling, especially since, to my knowledge, it hadn’t really been explored in that continuity, and the art from Lan Medina was consistently great

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It was a good read for sure.

I don’t know that I would call it “the best Aquaman mini-series,” but it is a good Mera mini-series. I don’t want to take it from her and give it to Aquaman!

I’m going to have to get that Tidebreaker OGN. I didn’t know it existed till now! I loved the mini series.

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