What are your Theories for "Titans"

Give me some of your Theories for The New Titans Show

My theory is:
-It will lean so hard into edge that it cuts its own artery

  • It will blow it’s load on Trigon in the first season, making any season after it feel weak, IF it even gets that far
  • It will serve as no more than a launchpad for Doom Patrol and maaaaaybe Red Hood and the Outlaws
  • The entire cast is gonna have a hard time finding work after this

People haven’t talked a lot about how bad Starfire’s costume looks lately, I predict those discussions will come back.


Knightnorth are you a total friendless buzz kill irl too?


My top three theory’s are. I think the dark edges tone for titans is actually gonna be a good thing that people will enjoy. Because titans is something everyone wants to succeed. People have been crying out for a live action titans show for awhile now.

I think it opens doors for more shows on dc universe until you have three live actions shows running at once. A fall and spring show list. Such as having titans, doom patrol, and star girl in the fall and then having red hood and the outlaws, the question, and my personal favorite idea of a bad add deathstroke series.

The titans and the dc universe shows together will form a new bad ass continuity that makes profiling run for years to come so that a lot of the characters we all would love to see finally get a shot at live action. Because if these shows succeed and dc continues to gain capital then the possibilities are endless. I love this app my only negative thing to say so far. Is I wish the comics series that they upload were full series to completion. Nothing aggravates me more than to get 8 to 12 issues into a story and then have to stop because the rest aren’t available. Such as crisis on infinite earths or futures end. But I believe this app and dc universe has the potential to do great things. Starting with developing more live action shows. Go ahead and pull the reins back on the big screen for a bit because the success of the dceu has not been great because of poor choices. Use more of that capital to create some more shows on your app and hen in turn you can go back to the big screen after you’ve created a better continuity. That’s my advice and theory for this app. I would love to see all of this come to fruition but I will not hold my hopes up.


No suits from Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy till the last episode.

Jason dies at end of season 1 returns season 3 as redhood.

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This is a question and not a theory but will Titans share the same universe with Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing?

Doom patrol will debut in an episode of Titans. So yes Doom Patrol is part of the Titans universe, I don’t know about swamp thing though.


My theory is that I will be able to watch t on my Firetv by the time it come out

I think Titans is the start of an amazing shared universe. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the DCEU movies but they stray so much from the characters I know and love that I have relocated the movie universe to an ‘Elseworlds’ situation. Every clip I see from Titans sends shivers down my spine. The characters are closer to the ones I love in the comics than anything I’ve ever seen in live Action. As a fan for 30 years I’m touched at DC’s efforts to speak to the true fans of their amazing universe.

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I predict it will be the beginning of what may someday be known as the “Titanverse”

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That Starfire spells her name Starphire hopefully does not forget the letter so then she would be star hire. And that Beastboy changes his name to Green tigerboy

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That it will be a great show regardless of what people are saying


Raven in Titans (2018) looks more like a demon from Supernatural rather than a “Daughter of Trigon” type demon as seen in the comics and the (2003-2006) TV Series.