What Are Your Springtime New Release Picks for March 13th?

Spring is just around the corner, so what new comics and such are you picking out for your reading bouquet this week?

My picks:

-Superman #9
-Titans #35
-Hawkman #10
-Red Hood: Outlaw #32
-Supergirl #28
-Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman

Checking out from Hoopla:
-The New Teen Titans vol. 10
-Promethea 20th Annversary Deluxe Edition Book One
-The Wild Storm vol. 3

Your turn =)

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Looking forward to Superman #9. 4 weeks ago I wrote an article about why I was so frustrated with Bendis’s pacing. Hopeful its good enough to prove me wrong.

Given how many books Bendis writes on average, I’m surprised he’s kept up with everything as well as he has. The guy’s a machine of comic output.

That, or he concentrates on two books and has a roomful of monkeys typing away to write his other books.

Will enjoy

Justice League dark
Wonder Twins


Cat woman
House of Whispers
Wonder Woman

Only to Stay Current

Red Hood

Ending Soon


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It’s Supes & Supes week. Superman and Supergirl. Also looking forward to the next issue on Wonder Twins; the first was so fun.

@OldManJonah a week where Superman content is the marquee attraction and is then followed up by more Superman content is a great week for sure =)

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The Grim Knight 1
Superman 9
Wonder woman 66
Titans 35
The Flash 66
Catwoman 9
Justice Dark 9

And a few Marvel comics

Hawkman #10
Catwoman #9
The Flash #66

Ninja Turtles: Shredder In Hell #2

Murder Falcon #6

Amazing Spider-Man #17

Titan #35

Just read some titles

Red Hood is suprisingly good. A new cast of outlaws.

Wonder Twins will be forgettable , each issue.

Titans end next issue it is clean up time. Nothing important

Superman Bendis does terrible things to Jon, for Years. Unforgiveable

@Nickweiser Did Shredder actually go to Hell?

I havent been to the shop this week. But Superman & Hawkman will be my must buys.

@Vroom Waiting to find out haha! Company who ships the comics didn’t give us everything so that is one of the ones I’m waiting on.

They did have MF #6 and Flash #66.

Totally dug Flash. It’s a prelude/one shot on James Jesse. I would definitely recommend buying for any Flash fans. I also read the dialogue in Mark Hamill’s voice :sunglasses:

@Nickweiser That stinks. I remember Diamond shortages from my comic store days. Did you at least get the variant or was the book just shorted in all regards?