What are your favorite DC story arcs (on here)?

I’m a semi-newbie and I know there’s a lot of continuity, but I want to start anyway.

I’m currently reading Justice league dark!!


Action comics Brainiac story is good. Infinite Crisis, both are heavy in continuity. Lots of the LOTDK is not heavy on requiring continuity for background and lots of story arcs if you are into the Bat

The most recent Deadshot limited series was surprisingly good! I highly recommend it

Of what’s on here, there’s All-Star Superman which is very good. Also Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns. Any of these can be read without knowing much about continuity, since they are set in their own continuity. Year One was technically in-continuity with DC, but at the same time it’s the backstory to TDKR, which is set in its own continuity.

I’m currently rereading Identity Crisis and loving it. Probably doesn’t need all that much knowledge of continuity. Also Batman Eternal has been great so far (never read it before now).