what are you picking up tomorrow? what comic are you most excited about?

What are you picking up? What are you excited about? And what do you think of the new foil covers?

Picking up: Batman, Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Justice League, Nightwing.

Excited: Justice League, Green Arrow, and definitely Deathstroke.

Foil covers!: I am definitely excited about them. I think there dope and I am going to try to collect them all if possible. Even in series I don’t read just because I want to support the idea of having them all the time I think it’s the next level for comics again the way the look to me is awesome.

Normally I’m not a huge Wonder Woman fan, but loving the direction that the Justice League is going with her leading the Justice League Dark. So, really looking forward to Wonder Woman and Justice League: Witching Hour. Should be a great arc.