What are some of your favorite DC Comic based podcasts?

I have recently gotten into listening to podcasts and was wondering what some of your favorite DC Comics based podcasts were and what they are about!

I also recently started listening to “whelmed: the young justice files” which I am thoroughly enjoying and was wondering if any of you have listened to this podcast to!

some of my favorite DC related podcast would be “Holy Bat Cast” they cover mostly movie news but also tv and comics to an extent they also normally review an episode of Batman at the end currently they are going through Batman Beyond. “DC Films Squadcast” is another good one similar but slightly different. Then there would be “Fans without borders” which covers mostly DC and Marvel but also side stuff like star wars and star trek. “Dynamic Duel” is one of my favorites its a DC vs Marvel podcast hosted by two brothers and they have a duel episode almost every week where they use a simulation method to determine a winner between marvel and dc characters so its always fun to root for DC and hope it gets the win. Last one I will leave you on this long reply I can not remember the name of the podcast but there is one that you can listen to all the original over the radio superman broadcast which can be fun if you do a lot of driving.

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Also forgot to mention if your looking for a strictly comic based one the DC film Squadcast has anther podcast within their network that they promote at the beginning of every episode that is only on comics.

Thanks so much @AtlasXhunter! I’ll be sure to look into those, Dynamic Duel sounded really cool!

@TimDrake02 no problem dynamic duel is my favorite they just cover a lot have a question of the week and news if you want to skip to the duel they have times in the description

“Raging Bullets” is a fantastic DC podcast that’s been going for over 13 years. Hosted by Sean and Jim, 2 great guys, very positive about DC in general. They specialize in detailed reviews/analysis of issues they’ve enjoyed. It’s fun to listen not only to their recent stuff but also to go back and hear their thoughts on comics they were reviewing a decade ago. Highly recommended!

My favorite is this new podcast. 8:17pm 5/28/2020