Welcome back Donna Troy!

So I’m gonna be 40 in March and as of this latest Titans episode, I might as well be 11 again because I’ve got a supercrush on Donna Troy that dates back to the days of The New Teen Titans! This is such a welcome plot line and the cliffhanger makes it even better! Whereas I absolutely hated the little punk they had portray Jason Todd, I absolutely adore how they introduced Donna and young Master Dick as childhood friends. She is as wise as she is the pretty girl next door, not to mention quite the badass! I can say badass right? Well I just did :wink:

Anyway, bravo to the writers on this episode! I look forward to much more Wonder Girl in action! Thanks for the memories!


Agreed. I was VERY happy to see they went with her classic (and simple) Pre-Crisis backstory/origin. If only the comics would follow suit.