We Recap YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Episodes 10-13

Young Justice just keeps on bringin’ it!

They may be the last 4 episodes until summer, but these past few episodes of the mid-season finale presented much to chew on, much to wonder about, and much to enjoy!

We’ve had some action-packed moments, some steamy moments, and some really, really trippy moments.

Head over to check out the overview of ALL of the moments from YJ:O’s episodes 10-13:

You can also find this article in the DC Universe news section!


Those cliffhangers! :tired_face: I really hope the next half of the season is focusing on the team as a whole, so we can see more coordinated fight scenes.

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Loved seeing Halo discover WHY she wasn’t Gabrielle and understanding Fate’s comment about an old soul!!