We need The Endless or JLD

I would like to see what other people say about what I think would be a perfect show. The Endless or JLD. Im not sure the JLD which would be used, but I guess I would also like what you would like in that to

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Man, if they made a Justice League Dark show with Matt Ryan (and not on the CW) that show would be unstoppable.

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Wich characters do you think should be in the JLD and who should play them?

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I put some thought into this and maybe
J.Constantine Matt Ryan
Angie Harmon —Zatana
Deadman —John Malcovich
Swamp Thing ( if they will let the play him…)

Black Orchid - Eva Mendas

We know who would play Phantom Stranger…

Etrigan - Ron Perlman / Jason Blood / Kevin Conry

I hope I get some comments on this

You think The Endless would make for a perfect TV series? Boy do I have good news for you.

I knew Sandman was coming to Netflix. I’m worried that my expectations are too high…

@mroshi13.45250 I struggle with casting Zatanna. For some reason, she’s too important to me. I could really see Diane Guerrero, however she’s already nailing it as Crazy Jane.

man that is good news, that somthing is getting done. but will they get it done right???/
They could make endless as pricless as a eskimo pie, or make it as worthless as that inhumans show…