We have four versions of Batman on TV right now

  1. We know he exists in the Arrowverse now. Haven’t seen him yet but I’d be pretty surprised if the Batwoman series happens and we don’t see him at some point given Superman on Supergirl.

  2. The Titans version. I think this next episode is gonna be in Dick’s head, but the fact that we’re even getting him is cool.

  3. We’re on the last season of Gotham and most likely going to see Batman before all is said and done.

  4. Young Justice is coming back, which Batman is on.

It’s a pretty cool time to be a fan.


#batfam such a great time to be a Batman fan not to mention all the great books that are coming out so dope

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Forgot about DCEU Batman. And Batman hush coming out next year

I was just mentioning the TV ones but yeah, even more Batman if you count movies!

I love it!