So who else watched the premiere of Watchmen this past Sunday? Thoughts and will you be tuning in every Sunday?


Bold and brilliant. Just enough to get me started!

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Watched it, not sure how I feel about it really. Was at the shop today and it was brought up and all I could say was “it wasn’t bad but not what I was expecting. Still first eps. but it didn’t grab me right off the bat.” IDK will wait and see.

Sooooo Goooood! Omg!

there are so many reasons for my brain melting excitement. I spent a whole day processing, and connecting the dots from where the comics end, and when the show picks up. (Looks to be 40 years ish, which is about right as Watchmen’s origional was set 40 years ish ago)

I am bracing for someone to say It’s too political, but asking for Watchmen without the politics, is like asking for cake and a milkshake without the sugar.

Turns out things CAN get even more dystopian than they were, before Doctor Manhattan left the planet.

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I’m going to have to subscribe now. I really liked it!

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