Watchmen hbo and dcu?

Anybody know if watchmen will also be on dcu or just hbo ?

Just hbo


Good chance all DCU shows will eventually be on HBO Max but not vice versa.

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But they will stay on dcu?

Yeah they’ll stay on dcu

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I wonder if DCU will get Watchmen, like it did Krypton. Maybe we’ll get it here after HBO finishes it’s run.

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Don’t really care for Watchmen!

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I’m still waiting for the Watchmen comics

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It is doubtful Watchmen will ever be in our library. It just keeps selling well.

Comixology Unlimited only allows the first four issues ‘free’ with their monthly fee. The other eight are about two dollars each. The trade is 12.99 without Unlimited or 11.04 with it.

Watchmen is deemed a graphic novel and is unlikely to appear here anytime soon. You can get a hard copy for under $20 (new).
IMO, it worth it. There is a reason it’s on Tume magazine’s 100 best novels of all time.

Time Magazine