Watch a Teaser for YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS' Second Half!

Greetings, all!

We’ve been keeping an eye on your feedback, as well as grieving right along with you when it comes to having to wait for Young Justice to come back in June. That said, time to clean our tear-streaked cheeks for a spell, as we have great news to help tide us all over in the meantime…

Behold: a sneak peak of YJ:O’s second half, as shared on our latest episode of DC Daily! If you’re ready to check it out, click below and let us know what you think!

Watch a Teaser for YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS' Second Half! (if you’re unable to click the link, worry not - you can also find this article by going straight to the News section here on the site, too!)


Hopefully dc lets this show have a very long run with the new dc app! Can’t wait for second half of outsiders!


I second that


How do we get a season 4, DCU?


Dude, I thought they were just gonna run through the whole season, but now I gotta wait till summer? Ahhhhh. Oh well, I waited like 5 years I can wait till summer lol Super excited!!


So where is the preview because I’m dying.

Just a recommendation. Perhaps make content in the community boards“copy and paste” capable on here? The link for the video isn’t active. And when I go to copy and paste it to watch on my browser, I can’t even do that. So hopefully one of the tech wizards can work their magic🙂 Thanks!

Oh! Heads up… somebody has posted the new Episodes of Young Justice on YouTube.

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We are definitely working on bringing many updates to the community, including links that actually work! :smile:

ALSO: Are these episodes on YT full episodes or clips?

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I am so happy Young Justice is back, looking forward to the summer to continue. Now if only the Gargoyles could return that would be epic I know it’s a Disney property but GW did Awesome things with that show.

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@iJest, the best way’s to keep doing what you’re doing, as all of the feedback gets shared with the team so that they’re aware of your interest :slight_smile:

@foreverart44.2207, were you able to see the preview yet? You should be able to via the link provided, or by going to the News section and finding the article that shares this thread’s title. Please let us know if you can’t find it, or it doesn’t work for some reason!

@Rmartinez021973.41119, Really enjoyed watching Gargoyles as a kid, too, so I know what you mean :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see more Green Lantern and Legion of Superheroes. Since I was a little tadpole, and that has been a long time ago, believe me, I have loved both titles. Before Batman, before Superman, before any of the other titles, these two books have been my favorites. I liked the animated series for both, and recently began rewatching all my favorites. Nothing combined science fiction, space opera, and good, clean fun like these guys. Well, maybe Adam Strange, Space Cabby, and Atomic Knights came close, but the Lanterns and the Legion was like revisiting things like Lensman and all the wonderful old Andre Norton stories I loved so much during the same period. Comics, movies, and animated series, this was the stuff that ignited my imagination.