Was the story incomplete/cancelled?


So I been reading this series from start to finish but it seems like it stopped. The last issue is #14 released released 12/19/18

So I guess I am bummed out I don’t get to finish it. Am I correct to assume this story was never finished?

Justice League currently has issues twice a month

You should see the next issue soon in the library

Per thr agreement between

DC Comics which publishes and owns the content in our comic book.library
And our service DC Universe
Both of which are separate units within.AT&T / Warner Brothers.

Comic books appear in our library

A year after being published

The library in general.will not receive

Vertigo.and other labels from.Dc like Black Label

Content that began as Graphic Novel
Like Killing Joke and thr Earth One Titles

Very popular issues that sell.well in.trade
Batman.White Knight
Mr Miracle

All of these restricted issues are available at

Your Locsl Comic Book.Stores

Digitally by Comixology

Comixiiology Untimited has many titles not available here for a monthly fee including Vertigo. Other titles are 15% off cover price

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Thank you so much!!! I’m so stoked for each month to await the continuation

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