Warner streaming app question

I’m sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere but is the upcoming WB streaming app going to have an effect on this app? Will DCU continue after WB opens it up?

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I believe there is a thread nearly placed along this one that should help with your questions.

Don’t think anyone knows for sure. But should be noted CW Seed, HBO Now, and Boomerang are all also part of the Warner Umbrella and the latter two are also pay services, and doubt Warner is going to shut them all down (well they pretty much said HBO wouldn’t be). So while we probably don’t know for sure also think it is too soon to worry. Doubt it is good news for people hoping DCEU movies and CW shows would be on here any time soon, but don’t think they will shut it down.

Too early to say in any substantial way. When official word comes out, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear about it. Pretty darn sure :wink:

Like an onion it’s all going to be about layers. That’s my guess.