Wanna make a *real* Superman movie, DC?

I love reading the original Action books, and I can’t help imagining a movie that uses that Siegel/Shuster vision of the character as the basis for a film noir period piece. No Lex Luthor, no supervillains. Superman doesn’t fly, he plays weird-ass psychological games with his foes. Doesn’t even need to be a big-budget thing. Just an absolute back-to-basics take on the character and setting.


For superman that sounds kinda boring. I wouldn’t mind seeing an animated short based on that idea. But as a feature film in live action i feel like people would rather see him soarinf through the air and being the superman we all have come to know and love

If DC were to resurrect the Showcase shorts, this would be a fine idea. I think it could only support five to ten minutes tops.

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What @superby1 said.

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