Wally West needed for Titans S2

Kid Flash would be awesome to see in this show. Thought he was misused on CW Flash show so i think this would be a great opportunity to do the character justice thoughts?


as long as it’s not set in the arrow-verse than yeah i think that would be a awesome idea. i just don’t think the titans-verse and the arrow-verse should be linked in anyway because the titans shows are darker than the cw shows


As long as it’s OG Wally and not New 52 Wallace.

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Original Wally West and not set in Arrowverse it would be a brand new actor. He is part of the Titans right? I just think having a speedster would add a new dynamic to the show.

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He NEEDS to have Red Hair and Freckles for it to be the one and true Wally West we all know and love


Keiynan Lonsdale is not my wally west and never will be he needs to have the red hair