Violence in Titans

A lot has been said about the violence and killing that is in Titans but I don’t think much has been said about why. This show isn’t trying to be the family friendly Teen Titans. It also isn’t trying to ignore the damage that these hero’s would cause with their attacks. I mean in the comic books you see them throw a batarang and it just hits the enemy in the hand and forces them to drop the weapon. In Titans, they are seen as sharp dangerous objects that have consequences. Punching people in the face will break their nose, fracture their skull, and result in bleeding/brain damage. We see that in this show.

They treat the action from their attacks as real.

Although i will admit, some of the actions are a bit murdery and cant explained (Blowing up the asylum for instance).


I can explain blowing up the asylum… they were tortured, their friends were tortured, and that isn’t something you forgive.


i agree @BatFan that was one of the reasons i enjoyed arrow the first season because yes i get that superheros arent ment to kill but some people need to know that heros dont have to kill but should make them be more violent like im pretty sure all heros have a breaking point and thats why im glad titans isnt family friendly and glad that titans came out on the dc app instead of netflix or hulu

You do realize that none of the violence really happened in the finale…


Yeah I wasn’t talking about anything in the dream scene at all. But every action up to that point was real.

Good explanation and I dig it. So it’s all good for me

Fine with me! All my fave dc things are slightly dangerous!

I don’t mind the violence that much. It goes with the territory.

The killing? Not so fond of that. I prefer my superheroes to be above that. I do like that it’s at least acknowledged that it’s not something that they should do. I like that Beast Boy feels major guilt over it.

Taking a life, even one of someone “evil”, should be something that any good character worth rooting for would feel sick about having to do.

I feel a little uneasy when people say that the killing makes it a more adult show. Um no, killing is still a terrible thing for adults.

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I will withhold judgement on the killing. The story line is about Dick coming to grips with his own history. Also, think about the reactions of Hawk and Dove when he comes in and beats people to a pulp, they are shocked because he has never been like that before.

And as for Starfire, early in New Teen Titans they actually address the issue of not killing with her, so it will likely be something that she will develop over time as well.

But in truth, I had no real problem with it. A lot of the “superheroes don’t kill” ethos stems from the existence of the comics code authority and its oversight of the industry. Let’s be honest, if Batman really existed, and was facing a psychopath like the Joker, he would be constantly feeling guilt every time Joker killed another innocent person after he gets loose the next time. The Joker could not be reformed, he will kill again. But…he makes a good continuing villain so you have to have a reason to not kill him.

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