Villain Awards 2019: Which Villains Would You Give The Award To?

With this year’s release of DC’s crossover comic, Year of the Villain, we want to know: Which Villain is deserving of the award for best in their category?

Think there’s a baddie out there who’s so good at antagonizing, they deserve an award, or their very own super-villain superlative? Have a evildoer in mind who puts the “evil” in devilish, the “noxious” in obnoxious, or the in “rude” in “shrewd”? (…Don’t look at me like that, you know what I mean!)?

Well, it’s time to give your villains of choice their bragging rights by finally bestowing upon them some well-deserved accolades! So that, as a proper nemesis should, their names may forever live in glorious infamy!

The Categories Are:

Best Overall
Best Fighter
Best Dressed
Biggest Over-Achiever
Most Likeable/Relatable
Most Villainous Laugh/Voice

Or, make your own! They can include silly ones like Biggest Flirt, Best Dancer, whatever!

We’ll compile your votes into a final series of polls for the rest of the community to vote on. If you want to make sure your supervillain shines, be sure to vote today! Do tell, which would YOU have your villains win?


Best Overall: Lex Luthor. He’s changed his MO to great effect this year, and with his Legion of Doom, is poised to soundly defeat the Justice League this year. The only question is whether or not he can successfully face off against The Batman Who Laughs when Hell Arisen rolls around. Other that should be considered for the running include Darkseid (his plans for Sepulkore and Apokolips are the biggest undertakings of his since the Final Crisis itself), the Batman Who Laughs (the Infected crisis is the most insidious thing a villain has done this year, which is saying something), and the Joker (he’s done a marvelous job at getting back to basics this year).

Best Fighter: Flashpoint Thomas Wayne. Somehow, he was able to soundly defeat the entire Bat-Family at once, including Cassandra effing Cain. As ridiculous and illogical as that victory is, it puts him on the level of Deathstroke, Lady Shiva, and his own son.

Best Dressed: Ra’s al Ghul. That cape. Enough said.

Biggest Over-Achiever: Bane. Thomas Wayne could be in the running as well due to the aforementioned feat of defeating most of Batman’s acolytes at once, but Bane has taken his defeat of Batman a step further by taking over and running the city in his absence.

Most Likeable/Relatable: Mr. Freeze. Regardless of what they’ve done afterwards, it’s a bit heartwarming to see Victor and Nora together again.

Most Villainous Laugh/Voice: THE JOKER. Is this even a choice?


I concur with most of @VengeanceNightBatman’s nominations, with two exceptions:

Best Dressed: Leviathan, whose cloak and mask keeps us all guessing.
Most Likable/Relatable: Leone, leader of the Invisible Mafia in ACTION COMICS. She’s so smooth, you almost WANT her to win.

And for my own category, I’d like to submit:

Best Comeback: Lady Shiva! Where you been, girl? Ra’s al Ghul shot you in the BACK, and now you’re mixing it up in BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS? I’m pretty dang excited to see where this goes.


Very nice, @VengeanceNightBatman and @HubCityQuestion! I love your choices, and can tell you put a lot of thought into them! :slight_smile: Interesting adjustments as well, @HubCityQuestion! Although I’ll add my own soon, too (is it bad that I sometimes like villains more than heroes? lol), I can see why both choices were made for those categories, so in the meantime, you both deserve your own :trophy: for having such great taste!


Best dressed- Hbo max

I think I agree with the choices mentioned, though I’d like to offer my personal adjustments for a few:

Most Villainous Voice: While I definitely agree with the Joker, particularly for his laugh, I’ve always had a thing for Bane’s voice.

Most Likeable/Relatable: My choice here has to do with television portrayal, since I really liked what they did with Eobard Thawne on The Flash as Harrison Wells.

And adding the silly one of Best Animal Chosen: which goes to Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. That popped into my head because of the forum;s thread on penguins, which makes me go “aww” every time I visit it, now. :heart_eyes: (what are you guys doing to me with these memes? :stuck_out_tongue: lol)

Ohh, yes… that’s too, too true. :trophy:

What in the world. :laughing:

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