Veteran's Day Giveaway: Green Lantern Collection

We have an additional giveaway this week in honor of the men and women who have served in the branches of the United States military. And who better to spotlight than U.S. Air Force veteran Hal Jordan and U.S. Marine Corps veteran John Stewart?

For one week, you can enter to win a copy of Absolute Editions of Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern: Rebirth and Sinestro Corps War, as well as a DC Collectibles Justice League Animated figure of Green Lantern John Stewart!

Enter this sweepstakes until November 16th for a chance to win! You can find it in the News section of the site, or by following the link below:


Thank u to all who have served and are serving. My family has served in every war since world war ll and continue to serve today. Thank a veteran anytime u get a chance, it means way more to them than u would think, way more.


Thank you for the kind words, djd187.81432! Definitely words and advice worth taking to heart, and many thanks to your family, as well! :slight_smile:


I met a veteran oncw


He was really nice, i thanked him for his service. He was sad because he lost some friends.


Thank you to DC for voicing support to veterans. Thanks to all the people that just say thank you, it means the world and shows the great character you have. Lastly, Thanks to all my fellow Vets, friends, and their families.


This is a great sweepstakes! Much love & support to our Veterans! My Dad was a Veteran. Retired Air Force. As always, I want to share my appreciation to not just Veterans here on DC Universe, but to all Veterans. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) is actually my 2nd favorite Comic Book character, and of course Geoff Johns is one of my all time favorite comic book writers. I will say that I would love it if a Veteran here on DC Universe wins this! Go Veterans & Go DC!


I also come from a family of veterans (my folks met in the Air Force!) My brother, who pretty much raised me - just retired after 20 years serving in the Marines. He also happens to be the one who let his little sister follow him to comic book stores after school :stuck_out_tongue: I’m honored to be among others who show their support of U.S. veterans.


I’d love to enter. But everyone I try it asks me sign up for the service I already paid for and am logged into. WTF?
On my phone either the link won’t work and in the news section it’s not there. Seriously, wtf?


@yetiblood, we’re sorry for this bug, and we’re working on it. There is an alternate method of entry - send an e-mail to with the following information:
Subject Line: Veteran’s Day Giveaway Entry
Body of E-mail: Name, preferred e-mail address (for confirmation)

Apologies again for the bug, and I hope that this alternate method doesn’t bring too much annoyance!


How will we know if we win? Would we receive an email?

@Batboi, exactly! We reach out to potential winners via e-mail and confirm their eligibility.

24 Hours left for this giveaway!

Has anyone ever won any of these sweepstakes or giveaways? It would be nice to know that some flesh and blood human somewhere out there has actually gotten some of these prizes

@yosoygav123, for privacy we aren’t able to disclose the winner list publicly, but you can write in to get the list of winners! The instructions are in the terms and conditions linked inside the giveaway.

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