Very confused about 2011 and 2104 Teen Titans runs.

I’ve just finished reading the Teen Titans 2011 run, and am a few issues into the 2014 run… Are they connected in the story-line sense, or is the 2014 some kind of soft reboot? How do we go from Red Beast Boy to Green Beast Boy? What about the wierd Jon & Kon story line from 2011?

I’m feeling completely lost here.

Am I missing something, or do I just need to keep reading?

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Soft reboot. Lobdell’s TT suuucked, so they just relaunched it. I’m not sure if they explained the BB skin tone thing.


There are two New 52 Teen Titans series.

The first (2011-2014) featured the overarching story of the Teen Titans versus Harvest and Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In this series, the Titans are more of an underground team (if I remember correctly).

The second (2014-2016) initially deals with the Titans coming out into the spotlight and becoming media darlings. Manchester Black associates with the team, the Tanya Spears Power Girl joins in, stuff happens and they go from media darlings to media pariahs. This series ends as a staging point for the Rebirth Teen Titans.

As for Gar’s color change from The Ravagers to the Titans, that I don’t recall offhand. I haven’t read The Ravagers or the first N52 TT since they each ended.


Ok, Thanks… That helps a little - I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some issue(s) of some other book that explained away this mess; so far in the 2014, it doesn’t seem like they reference any of the 2011 stuff - but given the weirdness of the Kon & Jon swap (that didn’t ultimately seem to be meaningful) I’m a bit confused about who this Superboy really is.

The Tanya Spears Power Girl is the one who (somehow) got her powers from Earth 2 Kara when she and Huntress went back to Earth 2?

Yep, that’s her – she was in Worlds’ Finest a few times before being given power, and then she showed up in Teen Titans. Since then she’s played a role in Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke series.

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Ok… that isn’t complicated at all. :expressionless:

@BatWatch - You’re correct - the 2011 run isn’t great, but Bunker and Solstice are neat, and Cassie is fun. I don’t think I care for Raven’s new look, though, or the completely ambiguous story line about whether she was good, or bad, or something in between. Anyone know if the 2011 series ended naturally, or was it cancelled?

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I think it was eventually cancelled, but they gave Lobdell enough time to put at least a little bow in his run.

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Oh - looks like Issue 10 deals with it a bit - Bart makes mention of his storyline in the 2011 run.