Verisimilitude In TV

Verisimilitude - When things are internally consistent and make logical sense.

Sometimes TV breaks this, and breaks logic, this is a fun place to post those things that, on second thought, just don’t make sense.

My first one is from Supergirl - Season 5, Episode 1

Supergirl fights a Martian, who slams her head into an SUV. She recoils in pain and is stunned, there is no damage to the vehicle. There is a problem though. In order to hurt Supergirl, she would need to strike the SUV with enough force to slam her through the SUV and face first into the concrete below it, shattering the pavement… At least.

Supergirl choreographers, maybe you should avoid hurting her by having her hit objects if you can’t damage the object. Just saying.

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The last, as opposed to the latest, episode of the Flash.

Our villain has his hand to a civilian doctor’s throat. The Flash is a few feet away. The villain says, “If you move, you might be fast, but I can sever his artery in an instant.”

We’ve seen Barry cross the city and back in the same second. This is from a standing position with no gradual acceleration. We’ve seen him travel at least 15 miles doing this, minimum.

To cross the distance shown, of around 50 feet, the Flash would move at a speed well beyond human reflexes. This should’ve been over then and there.

This… Does not make sense.


I’m pretty sure that verisimilitude is the appearance of being real or true, not whether things are internally consistent or logical. Things can be internally consistent while also being unrealistic. Sorry to get pedantic on you.

I used to giggle at Smallville when you could see Clark straining a bit when loading hay bales.

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