Values of a Hero

I recently posted a topic in the tv and shows section about an idea for a Lex Luthor Show. There is quite a discussion going on there per villain style shows. Many are turning to the “Villain” show idea currently. Perhaps they have lost hope or some type of value a long the way based on how they have been affected by the changes in society. The values of a hero are empathy, honor, justice, freedom, hope, will, truth, vigilance, might, devotion, order, trust, vitality, and spirit. One of the comic book series I love to read is the “Super Friends”. Like the cartoon tv show, the comic displays practical applied lessons displaying some of these values. I think part of DC’s mission is to help people learn these values so that they can be heroes in real life. People read comic books to connect with different persona as a way to build confidence in themselves. In this day and age, people are seeking these values more , perhaps its our job as those of us who are familiar with these values to help, guide, and mentor people to become the hero they want to be.


I’m a DC only fan since childhood because I watched Super Friends & fell in love with WW. Crazy how much access there is now. Back then u were on your own to figure out what was hot & how to locate it. As much as I complain about technology, it’s definitely a plus in a lot of situations.

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