Valentines Day thinking..

Hey everyone, hope the week is going well! So I started thinking about Valentine’s day coming up and then got distracted thinking about all of the D.C. comic character couples…and then I got my question. It’s kind of weird but which family would you want to be apart of/which couple would you want to be your parents?

I know I WOULDN’T want to be living under Clark and Lois’ roof cuz I feel like it would constant hoovering from them and I wouldn’t have any space or time for myself lol It seems like Sups is a helicopter parent a bit…which makes sense tho lol. I feel like we all would never wanna be Batman’s child.

How about you all? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind being apart of Canary and Ollie’s family.


The Garrick’s Joan and Jay I feel like would be a city version of Ma and Pa Kent. I’m a city rat through and through but still dig some good moral upbringing.

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That’s cool, I didnt even think of them!!

Well being Batman’s child would not be without it’s perks. You would be rich, which at your teens especially the girls would all love, you would never want for anything, you would have a butler catering to you, get to go to any college you wanted, and your parents would be out all night (not like Batman wouldn’t marry someone “in the business”) so you wouldn’t be watched… you also would no doubt be taught how to fight like a master so bullies beware. And likely, you would have a brooding thing going so added to your money… the girls would love you.

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Jaime Reyes has a very supportive family, and I think they’d make great candidates.

I would love Nightwing and Starfire as my parents!


I wanna be batman’s son now lmaoo that is literaly how it would be living under that roof lol