Valentines day Day 4 KIller Croc and Enchantress

This is my most favorite couple is Waylon Jones and June moone here explain. Croc’s rescue, the hints of affection were doubled down on, as June and Croc found themselves locked in adjoining cells in the bowels of Belle Reve. As June painted on her easel, Croc scrounged for rats to feed his hunger. When asked about the motivations behind his heroism, Croc explained that his feelings for June were summed up as clearly and concisely as possible: he didn’t want to eat her. And since he wants to eat everyone, that’s really saying something. the two soon succumbed to their true desires, and made love in the rat-infested waters of Croc’s own prison cell. That’s the discovery made by Harley Quinn, after stumbling on the pair while sneaking her way through the facility . Determining that the affliction of the population isn’t rage , but merely their most primal, pressing urges - remember, she’s back to her intelligent, psychoanalytic ways - it only makes sense that June and Waylon would throw reservation to the wind and give in to their attraction.


I haven’t read much of SS past the JL Vs SS event, but a big part of why I want to get through it is this dynamic.

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It’s such a great relationship & read. With u :100:. I’m in love with Enchantress but Croc :crocodile: earned my blessing.