Update on "Hush" Film

I know today is the day “Batman: Hush” is released on this service, but I have heard a few people who tried watching just after midnight and a few hours after midnight and had trouble watching it.

Has anyone managed to watch the movie all the way through with no issues?

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I looked for Hush after midnight and then some, and it never came up.

My train of thought is that it was timed for an early morning (6 PT/9ET) debut, just like the Shazam! episode of DC Spotlight.

As for playback, I haven’t had any issues with it so far.

Whew, that’s good to know. I’ve never come across any issues when watching any of the shows of movies, but you never know.

I look forward to watching both Hush and the new episode of Young Justice when I get home. I gotta say, I’m thrilled we get these movies on the app when they’re released physically.

Because they didn’t use source material as they should have this movie fell flat in my opinion.

They made it completely about Batman and Catwoman using the material from the recent story arc of Batman/Catwoman wedding.

You actually could have made a second movie-
The Batman/Catwoman wedding

But instead they butcher a BEAUTIFUL story by Loeb/Lee. Just like they did with the Killing Joke. Which was $#it on toast, that butchered Moore’s work. Using a stupid underlying story of a Batman/Batgirl relationship.

I’m starting to lose respect for the Dc animated movies. I hope they do a better job with Wonder Woman bloodlines.

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Just finished it

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