Unpopular Opinions?

@Matches_Malone Great points, all valid. Thanks!

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Season 4 of Arrow wasn’t that bad.

Reasoning is the first half of the season:

  1. Brotherhood - had some of the best long one shot takes and choreography.
  2. Sara Lance resurrection through the Lazarus pit and the eventual Constantine crossover.
  3. Two part crossover with The Flash to set up Legends of Tomorrow.
  4. Vixen crossover (except for the horrible CGI in one scene.)
  5. Intense mid-season finale with Oliver and Felicity getting shot up in the limo.

The second half of the season went downhill for the most part, but the whole season wasn’t terrible.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) is the best DCEU movie, and one of the best comic book movies in general.

  1. Man of Steel is the best superhero movie to date
  2. Compared to the Ultimate Edition of BvS, The theatrical cut is a shameful travesty that was completely gutted in the editing room and it should’ve never been released.
  3. I hated Frank Millers take on Superman in The Dark Knight Returns

I think modern comic book artwork is good… but far too much computer assistance. I’ll take the “real art” of Neal Adams, Jack Kirby and Jim Aparo; thank you very much.


I agree with 2 and 3! I love MOS and is my favorite Superman film but I wouldn’t say its the best cbm ever though


I think Amy Adams is phenomenal, but I did not like her as Lois Lane. It may not have been her fault, it could’ve been the material she had to work with, but she was my least favorite Lois Lane, as of now.


Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is overrated.


“Al Ghul” is not Talia’s last name and never was. Ra’s Al Ghul is a title. She was simply “Talia” for decades and later “Talia Head” when she needed an alias in the states. Calling her Talia Al Ghul annoys me so much when it’s done. Not her name.


Oh, I Iike this. Where do I start? Modern comic book artwork is too realistic. The renderings lack depth, detail, and immediacy. Kirby, Buscema, Kubert, Kane, and Adams could draw rings around anyone working in the field today. Modern comic book writing is too pedantic. Most stories are preachy and slow and eschew action and spectacle for agenda and relevance. You want stories with purpose and punch, then read just about any Marvel Comic from the Silver Age. And finally, comics cost too damn much! A price-tag of $3.99 is outrageous. Get rid of the slick paper (DC is doing it) and refrain from paying the “talent” like they are major league baseball players then maybe we would get more affordable comic books.


Wildcats make the justice league look like a bunch of little bitches.

I thought of another one.

Sandman is probably more powerful than Brainiac or Galactus


Red hood and Harley Quinn are overrated


Wonder Woman was an ok movie and it only deserves about half the praise it gets.


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George Clooney is the worst Batman but I kinda like his Bruce Wayne and really enjoy his scenes with Alfred


i do not care about the seeing the Snyder cut that does not exists


I like dan didio

The legacy of the original Superman was tarnished by Infinite Crisis


Titans is not great. It could have been but they keep changing the characters to fot their story needs. Its needlessly violent. Not that good violent action is a bad thing but if its not driven by emotion then its just for the sake of seeming tough. Also starfire seems too old. No offense to anna she is a great actress and i love her on the show. They just shouldn’t have gone with starfire for her. So much of the show is shoehorned for the sale of fandom. Just give us a good story. Thats all i ask from any live action dc venture. Look at young justice, or heck even JL vs TT was great. Fans deserve better.