Unpopular Opinions on the DC trinity

Tell me some of your unpopular opinions on the Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman)

My Unpopular Opinions

  • Wonder Woman is the most underrated out of the three
  • Wonder Woman (Movie) was better than Man Of Steel and BvS
  • Clark is baby boy culture
  • Batman has insane plot armor
  • Batman is baby

Also another one… Batman is overrated

Superman is the most underrated. I feel like there are more people who think Wonder Woman is cool than people who think Superman is cool.

Obviously Wonder Woman was way better than Man of Steel of Batman v. Superman.

Batman does have some thick plot armor, but I feel like it started because he’s a superhero and all superheroes have plot armor. However, since then, some writers have taken it too far (Grant Morrison).

I feel like Batman isn’t overrated. He’s as popular as he is for a reason. He has had relatively consistently good stories throughout history compared to other superheroes. He definitely has the best supporting cast and villains out all of the superheroes.

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Uh, what exactly is “baby boy culture?”


I feel they are all equally important and good


I don’t think Batman is overrated, but the Wonder Woman movie is obviously better than Man of Steel and BvS.

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Superman is not a scowler. Superman is a happy guy. Nothing (usually) can hurt him, and he uses his amazing powers to HELP people. He is the moral center of the DC Universe, and is not a Boy Scout at all.

People hated the DC movies of the last few years. Poorly written, painting themselves into a corner, and a terrible casting job on Supes.

Shazam is a turning point, if it is seen by DC.

I want DC to become a juggernaut the way Marvel is. Your characters are incredible, and, with careful scriptwriting and casting, you’ll have the hits DC deserves.


The Batman is far to often used as the character all of DC flows through or often the “lens” by which we see the DC universe. He’s a great and complex character, but we get SO much of him.

Wonder Woman needs to be shown as the true leader she is. Her potential for this was shown in the flashpoint paradox. I don’t think she has ever led the JLA and that is a mistake. She has the strength and empathetic insight to call BS on Batman and tell him he is an emotional car wreck. She can keep Batman in check, Superman can’t. JL/JLU took a good tack by pairing her & bats up as the almost couple and it made sense. She’s a better romantic interest for Batman that Selina is.

I think DC is scared to put her in a lead position when it comes to the trinity specifically because she is non-judeo-christian/non-monotheistic. Even with Rao, Superman’s culture is monotheistic. While Batman isn’t explicitly related to a particular religious context, growing up in the US, the implication (if he is not a pure atheist), is that he would be of a monotheistic bent as well. WW is explicitly not.
(To be fair DC is not the only comics company to have this issue. Thor was not a major player/lynchpin character in Marvel until the MCU came along, just as Iron Man was not.)

The trinity still holds a sexist bent, which is a shame.

Of all three, Superman is the most overrated and is the most 2d character of the trinity.

Even as a hardcore Batman fanboy, I hate when he’s an infallible unstoppable Bat-God. Grant Morrison is the worst offender, but tons of writers have done this.

Similarly, Batman being an aloof, paranoid jerk isn’t cool or interesting. It just makes him an exhausting character to have as a protagonist. I mainly blame Greg Rucka for this, though Rucka at least seemed to be doing it on purpose to make an actual point about his bad behavior. Mark Waid also had a hand in that with Tower of Babel, but at least he tried to use that as a basis to develop Bats out of his jerkiness (and other writers ignored that development because “Isn’t it cool that Batman knows how to beat up all the other superheroes?”).

Writers need to stop trying to reinvent Wonder Woman and just focus on filling out her rogues gallery and supporting cast, both of which are rather sparse compared to the rest of the Big Five.

Wonder Woman should probably be the leader of the Justice League.

Superman doesn’t necessarily need to be happy all the time, but should at least be heroic and idealistic. Otherwise, it’s just missing the point.

Superman’s power level is at worst an exceedingly minor obstacle to telling stories about him.

And finally… Superman and Batman’s costumes look really ugly without trunks.

(Oh, and Batman should have his yellow oval, too.)

(And for that matter, Wonder Woman’s classic eagle symbol both looks better and makes more sense than the layered Ws.)


I don’t think saying wonder woman is better than mos and bvs is at all an unpopular opinion. That being said my unpopular opinion is I prefer man of steel to wonder woman. I think it’s the best dceu movie yet and one of those many reasons is a very compelling villian, which I think wonder woman was sorely lacking.

So I don’t know if this falls under “unpopular,” per say, but given how prominent it was in the New 52 and Elseworlds, I have to put it here:

Wonder Woman and Superman should NOT be a couple! They are BORING together, and the only reason I see to justify a relationship is “they’re the most powerful man and woman in the DCU.” POWER LEVELS ARE NOT THE BASIS FOR A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!!!

(Sorry for the all caps. This idea just annoys me that much -_-)


If Clark is baby boy culture and Batman is baby then wouldn’t that make Wonder Woman pregnant mommy?


I probably have more for Batman but oh well.


  1. As a Batman fan, I do think he’s a bit over exposed. The fact other solo movies have come out before his new one is fine.

  2. Ben Affleck is my favorite live action portrayal of Batman. I like him more than Christian Bale.

  3. It doesn’t bother me that Batman killed in the movies.

  4. Aside from cheesy stuff, I enjoyed Batman Forever.

  5. As much as I like the Bat Family, I like it when Batman works alone.


  1. I prefer Henry Cavill over Christopher Reeve.

  2. I think Superman should unleash his powers at times when to stop threats that keep coming back – like Darkseid or Brainiac.

  3. Superman’s overly positive attitude kind of annoys the hell out of me at times.

Wonder Woman:

  1. Wonder Woman should lead the Justice League in the event of Superman’s death.

  2. There are times I think Wonder Woman would be a suited match for Batman then Catwoman.

  3. I never doubted Gal Gadot’s casting in the role. I know many came around after they saw the movie.



So, don’t have many “unpopular” opinions per se regarding the Trinity. I agree with Wonder Woman being the leader…in battle. She’s a true warrior, and is so full of passion, I want her rallying the troops. Batman, in my mind is the master tactician who’s usually 10 steps ahead of everybody. He’s the one I want making strategic team decisions. Superman, I never felt wanted the title of “leader”. I feel like he leads by example, by always doing the right thing. Heart-mind-soul…the three go together. Sometimes we follow our hearts. Sometimes we make decisions based on stone cold logic. And sometimes (hopefully most of the time) our ethics and morals guide our decisions and actions. That’s the way I see the DC Trinity as a team anyway.


Oh…one “unpopular” opinion: I actually liked Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple in the New 52.

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The best wonderwoman is when she is super bossy. Like a general.

Batman and Wonder Woman should be a couple

What is “baby boy culture”?


I had to Google it. It’s an attraction to grown men who look more like innocent boys

My unpopular opinion is that Wonder Woman works better on her own in her own series than as part of the Justice League.

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