Unpopular Opinion?

Doom patrol is the best comic book adaptation I’ve ever watched since Batman: the animated series.

And I’m just going to say, I’m not a Grant Morrison fan. That’s a big part of why I didn’t read doom patrol before now. He a good writer, that in my opinion, tangents on his own idea too much… like… George Lucas did with episode 1, 2 and 3. Great ideas, sloppy half thought out writing.

And after going back to read the DP comics. Yeah… best show since Batman the animated series. This show leans into the comics unashamed while adding to and fleshing out characters I never knew I needed to know. I’ve never cryed so hard for a robot and I watched (and cryed to) A.I. in theaters. I never thought I would love someone like Rita, as vein and selfish as she is. But I do! I want to know more! I read a Grant Morrison comic (coughoverratedcough) and loved ever minute of it!

Tldr: I don’t care if my opinion is an unpopular opinion. Thank you DC, doom patrol is brilliant.
And grant Morrison is overrated


I agree Doom Patrol is pretty darn awesome, but Umbrella Academy is my favorite of the new crop of adaptations - Titans, DP, Deadly Class, Umbrella Academy. . .etc

The powers were out there, the plot was one twist after another, and it was NUTS!

That being said, DP is only 5 eps in and Umbrella Academy has an entire season under its belt, so that could change.

I like doom patrol better then Titans


@davidblizzar1000 actually don’t think that would be an unpopular opinion. Titans is good Doom Patrol is something you would recommend to friends who don’t necessarily love comics. This is the show that really starts building the DCU


Pineapple on Pizza is great.


Geoff Johns is an overrated writer. He is no doubt a good writer but he is very hit or miss for me

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I much prefer Superman’s New 52 and Rebirth costumes


batman overreacted to the murder of his parents


@biff_pow he really did, if Alfred would’ve been a responsible guardian he would’ve got the poor boy some therapy


The Long Halloween is…okay. Just okay. Not bad, but not great either.

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I think most superheroes are naive.

Lois just likes Superman because of his powers. Don’t believe me just ask Clark.

@biff_pow is funny. (I am not sorry to keep giving you a hard time about this. I hope you accept my not apology).

I do not like Scott Snyder or Greg Capullo. I think putting them on the same series was a terrible idea.

Bruce and Selina is the best pairing in comics.


I have to agree about Bruce and Selina and for the love of God they better be married when King is done or I’m done lol


The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover won’t merge realities together or otherwise significantly alter the “core” of the Arrowverse.

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Unpopular opinion: The New52 was awesome, if imperfect, and exactly what DC needed to do.


Piggybacking on this, I really like the New 52 Supergirl’s costume and characterization, which I know a lot of other people don’t.

Hahahahaha! I laughed so hard at this. Literally out loud.

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Alan Moore hasn’t actually created anything new. It’s all based on other people’s works.

The current Blue Beetle’s costume is ugly.

Harley Quinn is usually more annoying than entertaining.


My kingdom for a nose!

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Oooh boy…I have a few. Ahem…

  1. Gotham is one of the better DC tv shows and deserved to go on for more seasons.

  2. Man of Steel is a more entertaining version of Superman II

  3. Zack Snyder had something interesting in the works for the DCEU and got royally shafted by a bunch of impatient philistine WB executives that only cared about making MCU money.

  4. Making Harley Quinn the marquee character of the “Birds of Prey” movie is a bad move that overshadows the other characters, i.e., the ACTUAL Birds of Prey.

  5. Christian Bale is one of the worst of the live action Batmen. Not as bad as Clooney, but Affleck, Keaton, and even Kilmer are leaps and bounds above him.

  6. Making the Swamp Thing tv show focus on Abigail Arcane’s perspective undercut what should have been the show’s main character.

  7. Black Lightning is horribly paced.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with Starfire’s New 52 redesign, stop crying about it.


I don’t think 1 and 4 on your list would be considered unpopular.

I got one that is probably very unpopular,
Warren Ellis is a really bad writer.

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