unpopular opinion on young justice

I think the first two season of young justice where insane they where really good they had good characters and stories. But I’m not a fan of season so far. I don’t like the hero’s they are adding like violet and Geoffrey and that annoying bug but I find them all annoying. And the story is just eh there’s not enough action it’s to much talking and stuff like violet and geo force and their problems I want the way the old young justice was with original characters. Tell me what ur guys’s opinions are please I want to know if I’m not the only one who doesn’t really like this new season.


I would like just more of the same stuff from season one. I was a little bummed that six years were skipped between seasons one and two.


I’ve liked most of season 3 so far, but once they introduced Beast Boy’s Outsiders it feels like there was a dramatic spike downward in termsof writing. It legit felt like a crappy Captain Planet script, not the compelling drama I’ve been watching.

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I enjoyed the first half of this season, but the second one leaves a little to be desired. Beast Boy’s Outsiders aren’t engaging me story-wise. However, the season hasn’t finished yet. Maybe they’ll reveal something that’ll put everything in a new context and really ramp up the story. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Generally agree. Really enjoyed the first half of this season, but the Beast Boy centered second half has just been okay. Hope the show picks up again.

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I like the new season but this season needs

More covert missions
More actions
A core team
More clear direction to the darkseid storyline

Also of course the new characters are gonna get more attention they need development and I’m kinda mad people keep wanting to OG characters, they’re too old to be on the team.

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I agree, but I’m mostly popping in here to point out that there needs to be an actual character called Geo-Ffrey.

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The second half of the season, it all seems unecessary.
The whole the “power of social media” thing is getting on my nerves.
What?? They’re gonna defeat Savage with 1 million followers??
And it focuses way to much on the drama. Maybe it’s just me, but are they barely going on missions? It seems to be all filler filler filler.
Maybe S4 will be different.


@C.A.M.P. imagine if they do end up doing the whole "Savage and Granny see millions of people standing together tweeting #WeAreALLOutsiders and that causes them to retreat? Or worse, if they all start chanting it? Normally that would be a joke, but with how the writing has been going these past few episodes, I’m terrified they’re gonna go that route.