Has anyone heard about this opportunity? How in the world do we enter? I keep clicking on the link, but it asks me to pay to become a member. Obviously, I’m already a member of the dc universe because I joined in October. Anyone else experiencing trouble? And if anyone knows how I can apply for this, please let me know! :slight_smile:

“When you join today (or if you’ve already signed up) you’ll get automatic entry into the ‘Inside The Outsiders’ Young Justice Sweepstakes”

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I have the same issues as described in the OP

Me too… The rules say, “have provided the requested personally identifying information, and accepted the terms and conditions of the Official Rules of this Sweepstakes (available for viewing by visiting www.dcuniverse.com/youngjusticeoutsiderssweeps), you will automatically receive one (1) Sweepstakes Entry and be entered into this Sweepstakes”

But there is absolutely no explanation on how to provide the requested information (or what is even requested) or to accept the rules.

I contacted support about this, but they just say to click on the NEWS item that announces the sweepstakes. When you do, it sends you to the appropriate page, but this is not at all obvious! AND, to make it worse, not all of the sweepstakes are posted there, so those of us who aren’t joining THAT DAY don’t seem to have an easy way to enter. DC, please make this more intuitive and straightforward!

@hightomb, it sounds like there’s some confusion. There are weekly sweepstakes that are entry pages, but for the big sweepstakes, like the Young Justice Outsiders experience, there is a different set of rules.

Young Justice Outsiders Sweepstakes: If you are a subscriber, you are already entered to win! There is no entry page; subscribers are automatically entered. If you subscribe before the sweepstakes is over, this still qualifies you.

The sweepstakes found on the news page are for anyone to enter. Sincere apologies these are not more intuitive, we’ll work on that!

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