u like Xanadu?

Originally, my post was simply to state how incredible the Xanadu comic they recently added was. Hands down one of the best I’ve read ,& had never been aware of prior to. Then it hit me that I have a slight connection to the psychic realm so that could improve the post. I can’t control it, but I’ve had flashes ever since I was young where I see a whole scene play out & found out later it actually was happening simultaneously as I was seeing it in my head. So to make it a 1 or 2 part question. 1) has anyone else read it?, & feel the same as I do. 2) Do we have any members who have any connection to the psychic or metaphysical realm, possibly even as a career?

I wrote an idea for a comic in the fan creations thread and Xanadu is a main character! It’s called Batman: Demon War

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I will check it out, sounds cool. You had me at Xanadu and Bats.

Horrible movie.

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More fun than you remember. Trust me.

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To paraphrase Homer Jay Simpson:

“Xanadu good, you like shirt?”


@Misfit But…Gene Kelly was in Xanadu.

He sang in the rain while an American in Paris dropping anchors aweigh with Jerry Mouse.

Gene Kelly, what a guy.


And now for something completely different…I loved the comic. Wagner and Reeder were a great team. Also, Gene Kelly and roller skating, how can you miss?


Just leaving for dentist but an American in Paris is my all time favorite musical, and yes, there’s a list and some are close. If u saw me you’d probably guarantee I’ve never seen a musical. I probably haven’t missed one worth seeing. Mostly older ones, but even newer ones; moulin rouge, across the universe. Both amazing, Chicago etc.

Nobody on this site has any psychic abilities or reads tarots etc. yet tho huh? Wow, I was playing down my connection cuz I can’t control it but I might be the closest to a connection in that realm on this site, this simply cannot be.

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