Two New Seconds Of Animated Harley Quinn Footage

In a new ad for DC Universe (narrated by Alan Tudyk, in his Mr Nobody persona), we get to see a teeny tiny glimpse of what just might be Harley’s standard outfit for the series.

Good stuff!


That was a fun ad. Tudyk being so invested in the DC fold is a real pleasure and treat for us fans.


Fun add, Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody should become the “voice of DC Universe”. Like the Harley Quinn brief clip, I was worried the animation would not be for me but it looked good there.


This is great, I want more ads like this. I enjoy Mr Nobody’s villainy! Never doubt the narrator.

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Mr. Nobody should branch out to other forms of advertising.

“Buy this car you plebian fool! Heh heh, I’m just kidding. Just yanking your chain. Ya moron.”

It works.

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