Turning off the subtitles

Is there a way to turn off the subtitles when viewing a program or a movie on this?

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When you click the middle of the screen there is a small white box marked CC that appears on the bottom right of the screen. Click the box to control subtitles.

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Subtitles are “off” yet they are still there…

Same here. I have the Closed Captioning (CC) off but the text is still on the screen and won’t go away. Anyone solve this?

subtitles appear to be hard coded. It’s annoying

Same here on my Windows PC. I can turn them off on my iPad.

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same issues here only on the PC can’t turn off

So yeah really annoyed at having captions show up even though I’ve turned them off. Any one found a place to report this bug officially?

It’s not captions, it’s subtitles. They say they know about it, and to use Chrome in the meantime. Which sucks for those of us who won’t use Chrome for perfectly valid reasons.
It’s been a month since I sent in my first ticket. Still can’t watch video. They need to fix this.