Trivia Tuesday, 10/17 @ 2 PM PST/5 PM EST: Giant Monsters

Impossible as it may be to prepare for the invasion of Godzilla and King Kong to the DC Universe in comic stores this week in JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. GODZILLA VS. KONG, we’re going to do our best by priming ourselves with prior giant monster experience. Trivia this week is all about the plus-sized enemies of the DCU!


  • Starting at 2:00pm PST on October 17th, trivia questions will be posted by me in the comments below.
  • One new question will be posted from the start time and every 5 minutes afterward, until 24 questions have been asked.
  • The first person to correctly answer each question receives a point.
  • At some point, the game may enter a SPEED FORCE ROUND, where questions begin to appear faster.
  • Whoever has the most points after 24 questions wins the game, and receives an exclusive RIDDLER BADGE to wear on their Community Profile. 8-the-riddler _ BADGE SM
  • Not the winner? You may have better luck next week… schedule permitting, everyone who scores at least one point may be entered in a random drawing to select a future topic.
  • One guess is allowed per player after the question is asked.
  • Do not go back and edit your original guesses.
  • In the event of a tie game… something interesting happens.

Who among you will emerge triumphant in the winner’s circle? To find out, you’ll have to ANSWER… THE QUESTION!


MatthewHecht [7] TIEBREAKER CHAMP!
casasstrophe [7]
DreamingGirlWonder [5]
mojaka [4]
Detective7 [1]

Robin scheduled me to work this week. :cry: I might be late or I might not make it. I will try to be here though.



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Hey everyone!

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Q1. Aside from his massive size and strength, what additional superpower did Titano the Super Ape have in his first appearances?

Physic powers

kryptonite eye beams

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Great job Mojaka.

Q2. Validus of the Fatal Five was really the Darkseid-mutated child of which two Legionnaires?

lightning lad and saturn girl

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Right again!

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Great job @mojaka

I wasn’t sure I knew any giant monsters in DC but I’m glad I didn’t skip the game today.


Q3. The first mission of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad was to take down which giant monster?