Trial of the Amazons | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead

Trial of the Amazons starts today! If you picked up the first 2 issues and want to chime in with your thoughts, please feel free!

(Please be sure to blur spoilers.)


Here’s some more reading from DCUI if anyone is interested in the lead-up to Trial of the Amazons:


Got my copies of TOTA #1 and Nubia #6, and I’m rarin’ to read 'em…after I go back to bed for a while, as work kept me up way late (damn east coast deadlines keeping my west coast-ish *** up…). :yawning_face:

BTW, I love Jim Cheung’s covers for TOTA #s 1 and 2. That dude can draw.


Overall, solid start – got a mix of the two classic reasons for crossovers, that being a tournament and a murder mystery. There wasn’t a lot of either in these first two issues, as most of the pages were spent watching these three tribes of amazons being salty at each other. Might be a little slow for those who expect more plot or action, but I personally enjoyed the tea being spilled.

Looking forward to seeing where the story goes.


I am enjoying this so far - but I am bummed that I watched that teaser video, because as soon as they said someone would die I just knew it was going to be Hippolyta. So I was spoiled by knowing who would be important enough to matter but whose absence would still allow the story to work. Ah well. Heartbreaking, especially with that previous scene with her and Phillipus. :cry:

I love seeing all the sister tribes interact. I will say I think this will be confusing to anyone who hasn’t read the lead-up material, particularly Nubia’s book. So many characters were introduced there, I think it may be overwhelming without that knowledge. (Nubia’s book has been outstanding though, so it’s definitely worth checking out! :sparkling_heart:)

I also noticed a pretty big print error in the first issue. There’s really no spoiler involved but I’ll put it under a cut:


Furuka and Diana’s speech bubbles are swapped in the 2 close-up panels (but correct in the distance shots):

It’s clear who should be speaking when you read them (particularly since Furuka’s speech is so biting and un-Diana-like). I guess it’s not a big deal except…this is her first crossover in 30 years? The issue was even delayed by a week? Does no one proof-read these issues? :unamused:

Anyhow…I am absolutely looking forward to the next issue, especially since it is in Diana’s own book. Excited to see what comes next! :star_struck: :00_wonder_woman_gold:


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I read the first two chapters yesterday. My mini review copied from the What Are You Currently Reading thread:

Great stuff. Loved seeing the Amazon culture on full display with all the subtle and not so subtle differences between the different factions. I did not see that death coming. Firmly invested in the rest of this story.

@Angel212, I didn’t read the first 5 issues of Nubia’s book. Though I could tell it would have provided much better insight, I’m not finding this hard to follow. Kudos to the writers for that. I also noticed the dialogue switch on that page. Probably one of the more glaring errors I’ve seen. Tsk tsk DC.


Oh good! I was just thinking of all the newly-emerged Amazons from the Well of Souls, and Medusa being admitted through Doom’s Doorway.

Nubia’s series has been one of my favorite reads in recent months. I will be truly upset if she is no longer ruler of Themyscira at the end of this - but she will always be Queen in my heart. :sparkling_heart:


Yeah you’re right, the Medusa thing could definitely benefit from some additional reading. I just figured “Ok, recent events have her coming out of there looking all human… roll with it!” :laughing:.


:rofl: Tbh, “just roll with it” is my mindset when reading most comics.


Hi all! I just picked up TOTA#1 today and am really excited to jump into this crossover. It sounds like an awesome story, tho probably not the best time to start since this will actually be my first time reading a Wonder Woman comic :sweat_smile: But before I dive in should I read through Nubia & The Amazons #1-5 or will I be okay just reading #6?


Hey, cici! Welcome! :hugs: Can’t wait to read what you thought! And :eyes: everyone has to start w/ Diana and the Amazons somewhere. This certainly seems like a good introduction to me! :00_wonder_woman_gold: :purple_heart: Talk soon.

While I’m here…

I won’t pretend I didn’t see the catalyst for the story coming, and narratively it’s the right choice, but… :eyes: lol, this was still me when I saw who dies

Aside from the obvious misprint in the first issue (:expressionless: Diana would never be so condescending. That’s a Bana Mighdall thing, guys!), I’m enjoying everything, and definitely wondering where it’s all going to lead. Very happy to see Donna and Cassie (and Medusa :raised_hands:) too. :books: On to the next!


I can definitely see that – stuff like “Wait, Medusa is an Amazon now? Like, the Medusa?”

Also, as for your worries about a certain character’s status, they solicited a certain one-shot that confirms that status will stick around.


Yay! @cici’s here! :smiling_face:

I was saying earlier I thought it might be hard jumping in, but @moro didn’t read Nubia’s series and he says he is just fine understanding the story! And I would echo @Razzzcat - there is no wrong time to start reading Wonder Woman. I would encourage you to just start with this series and see how you like it! (Kind of like we discussed with Death Metal, if you’re curious about the other stuff you can always go back and check it out later.) :+1:


:rofl: “No hard feelings about the beheading, come join our club!” Yeah, the context is everything with this.

Okay, I guess I missed this but thank goodness. I’m so happy now! :tada:


I think there’s truth to this in floppy comics in general – I started getting into them around the time of Infinite Crisis. Didn’t get a lot of the finer details, but there was enough good story that it made me want to figure out what was going on.


Okay, cool! I’ve jumped in on other series and sometimes it’s confusing, sometimes it’s not so I figured id ask first :+1: Im gonna try to read Nubia first but it’s good to know I can also just start with TOTA#1 if needed :relaxed:


Good point, i’m also pretty lax with my comics and continuity. I’m like 70% just here for the art anyway :sweat_smile: and I just wanna see the characters I like doing cool things! Haha


Got to read TOTA #1 last night, still need to read Nubia. Planning to read all that this weekend after work. Right now I am kinda waiting to see what else happens because right now I am feeling like the narrative is a bit predictable. Though at least they didn’t act like Cassie and Donna don’t belong to the Wonder family in this so far. :person_shrugging: Will provide more thoughts after reading Nubia.


I definitely like that Cassie seems to be the one that is going to investigate Hippolyta’s murder. I feel like of the Wonder Girls, she’s the best fit for it.