Top 5 things from Crisis on Infinite Earths

What are the top five things you are most looking forward to in Crisis on Infinite Earths on the CW.

In no particular order

Seeing Black Lightning interact with the rest of the CW heroes

Seeing Tom Welling return as Clark Kent

Seeing Helena Wayne/Huntress from Birds of Prey return

Seeing if they are able to do the Anti-Monitor right

Finding out if Black Lightning and Supergirl will be merged into the same earth as the other shows

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  • Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne
  • Black Lightning crossing over w/ the main Arrowverse
  • Seeing Lyla finally go full Harbinger after 8 years
  • Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman
  • The return of Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor
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In no particular order:

  1. Brandon Routh’s triumphant return as Superman.
  2. Seeing Tom Welling FINALLY (hopefully) wear the full Superman outfit.
  3. Black Lightning’s reaction to learning about time travel, the Multiverse, and that Supergirl and the other DC heroes are all real (remember, they’re just fictional characters in HIS universe).
  4. Tom Cavanaugh as Pariah.
  5. Kevin Conroy!
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You guys said it!

  1. Seeing that legendary fight between Kara and the antimonitor in live action. Melissa is a great actress I think she could do it justice, if Berlanti lets her.

  2. The Spectre

  3. Kara meeting the new member of the Superfamily

  4. A Flash reenacting the classic death scene

  5. As many friggin’ heroes and villains as possible in the same shot


Im excited for Jefferson to join too, and tom welling said his scene is super short.

  1. Brandon Routh as KC Superman.
  2. Smallville characters returning.
  3. What part the CW Superman may play.
  4. Supergirl’s fate.
  5. Barry’s fate.

Honorable mentions:

  1. A money shot with as many characters as possible (need to reference Perez, afterall).
  2. Kevin Conroy’s role.
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I really only have one. How well do they actually pull it off. With Marv Wolfman on board, I am cautiously optimistic.

The other things is that the Netflix deal allows them to show 2018 and earlier seasons of shows.
What if COIE allows CW to end all the 2018 shows, & come out with The new adventures of Supergirl, The Scarlett speedster, Wave Rider, & Lightning. Effectively ending Netflix deal for anything post-crisis.

Netflix is already not going to have Batwoman or the Canaries spin off from Arrow.

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Any order

  1. Conroy’s Batman
  2. Green Lantern (please Diggle)
  3. Heroic, permanent deaths
  4. Large battle
  5. Welling’s return (please suit up)
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In no particular order:

-Just seeing how they adapt something like Crisis into…any medium really. It’s a hugely famous comic amongst comic fans, but also arguably esoteric amongst fans of superheroes that only watch movies and shows. It just feels crazy that THIS story is getting a kind of adaptation.

-Seeing what they ultimately do with Supergirl and Flash. You know what I’m talking about…

-Seeing so many Crisis characters like The Monitor, The Anti-Monitor, Pariah, Harbinger, Psycho Pirate, and so on. And while I doubt they planned on Lyla being THAT Harbinger many years ago when she was introduced on Arrow, it’s still cool.

-Cameos. I really want to know what’s going on with Kevin Conroy. I want to see how they handle appearances by so many DC characters across what has become a Media Multiverse, what with Earth-90 being the 90s Flash show, and Brandon Routh coming back, and so on.

-What the fallout will be, and what happens next. The original comic is one of the few to promise and deliver lasting change. For even when they bring back elements of pre-Crisis comics, Earth-0 a whole is still far from being what it was pre-Crisis. I have to wonder what level of lasting change we might see with this version of the Crisis. Will some Earths get merged? We’ve already seen some destroyed. What exactly will be the biggest changes following this Crisis?

I’ve got to believe that one big reason for doing COIE is because the want to get BL & Supergirl into the sane continuity as the others.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the headline in the Flash time vault occur the same year as the second season of Supergirl, once she got moved from CBS to WB?