Top 5 Figures - Choose Your Hero

I thought it would be fun to share our top 5 action figures of our favorite heroes. Pick any hero and share your top 5. May give some of us ideas on what to add to our wish lists. I’m not including figures I don’t have or wish I had. I’ll start the thread with Superman:

  • Mezco Classic Superman.
    Everything about this just oozes quality. The fabric outfit may not be for everyone, but for me, it just feels great in hand. The face sculpt is spot on, and great articulation too.

  • DC Essentials Superman.
    Not many comic book versions of Superman out there with this kind of articulation. Looks great too; just wish that S was sculpted.

  • DC Designer Series Lee Bermejo Superman.
    Bermejo…need I say more? They did a great job of translating his art to figure form. Some top notch paint apps on this one.

  • Sideshow 1/6 Scale Superman.
    Hesitated for a long time on this one. He looked to “skinny” to me in pics. He is a sight to behold in hand, though.

  • DC Universe Justice League Superman.
    This almost didn’t make my top 5, because it’s almost impossible to keep upright without a stand. It looks fabulous though…like he jumped off the screen and into my display cabinet.

Honorable mentions to:

  • 2003 DC Direct Superman with 20 points of articulation. For a long time, I thought of this as the best generic Superman. Supplanted by the Essentials.

  • DC Collectibles New 52 Superman (from the Trinity War set).
    The metallic blue color is exactly how I think the New 52 suit should be, and it looks great here.

Hope everyone chimes in with their own lists!

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Easy Answer: anything from Kenner’s Super Powers Collection.

Real Answer: currently cooking in my mental oven. I’ll pull it out once it’s thoroughly well done :wink:

Looking forward to it, Vroom!

Okay, my top five Superman figures (in order of release):

-Toy Biz DC Comics Super Heroes Superman. The first Superman figure I ever bought. Fondly remember seeing it on the pegs and being mesmerized with how cool he looked. I played with this Superman when I watched the Reeve movies, the Fleischer Brothers shorts, Adventures of Superman, read Superman comics, etc. He was there for all of it.

-Kenner Superman: Man of Steel Power Flight Superman. A perfect figural representation of Superman as he appeared in the mid-90’s. The sculpt is beautiful and the chain accessory is fun. The arms have no individual poseability due to their pop up action feature but that doesn’t deter the figure at all IMO.

-Mattel DC Super Heroes Superman. Love the Four Horsemen’s sculpt and the articulation. This is as close to a John Byrne style Superman as we’ve got (that I’m aware of) and he looks great.

-Mattel DC Universe Classics Superman Blue. I love the blue and white suit design and was thrilled when this figure came out. Another beautiful Four Horsemen sculpt and great articulation along with the fun energy effect pieces.

-DC Collectibles DC Essentials Superman. Love the sculpt and the articulation and props to DCC for getting a modern look Superman out so quickly (bummer that the Superman Reborn Superman had to be cancelled to make way for this, but Mattel has him covered). He just needed the belt straps on his shorts to be painted and he’d be perfect. Lovely figure.

There you have it :slight_smile:

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Had to look that second one up. Cool stuff! If you like John Byrne, DC Direct released a version based on his Man of Steel run in the “Through The Ages” box set.

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Hmm, that does ring a bell. I think I saw that profiled on Brad The DC Universe Geek’s YouTube channel. I’ll have to look that up.

An argument could be made for the DCUC All-Stars Superman being Byrne-esque, but I went with the DCSH version as I like that figure more.

I hope McFarlane does a Byrne Superman. And you know, everything else =)

@Vroom, cool how we both did Superman and came up with different lists, though we did have the Essentials figure in common. Hope more folks chime in with different characters.
Looking forward to what McFarlane is gonna do for sure.

So I did Superman…now time to do the next member of The Trinity: Batman. I have found this character a bit difficult to collect, just because of the sheer number of looks he’s had over the years. Here’s a few of my favorite Batman figures:

  • DC Essentials Batman. Same buck and articulation as Superman from the same line. If you like the Rebirth costume, this is a great interpretation.

  • DC Direct Batman/Superman Series 6 Batman (Enemies Among Us). The classic black & gray suite with black “Hush” style bat symbol. Love that the utility belt is composed of brownish pouches…and the way the cape is shaped with pointy curved edges. I look at this and see the current comic book Batman.

  • Mezco “Batman V Superman” Batman. This is my favorite movie bat-suit. RIP, Batfleck.

  • DC Collectibles Designer Series Lee Bermejo Batman. If you’ve been following this thread, you know I like Bermejo. His interpretation of Batman is one of the most unique ones I’ve seen on the page. Looks great in figure form too…especially next to Supes.

  • DC Direct Reactivated Series 1 Batman. They used the Jim Lee Hush mold to make this guy in a classic blue, gray, & yellow suite with oval bat symbol. In my opinion, every Batman collection should have at least 1 in that color scheme.

Honorable Mention:
Neca 1989 movie 7" scale Batman. They really nailed Keaton in this piece. Check it out if you’re a fan.