Top 5 DC Superhero Teams

With so many teams over the decades, its hard to remember them all. Here’s my list.

  1. Justice Society (all eras)
  2. Justice League (Bronze Age/Satellite Era)
  3. Legion of Super-Heroes (Original Levitz run)
  4. The New Teen Titans (Perez/Wolfman)
  5. Doom Patrol (Silver Age)

I’m not sure why the JSA has always been my favorite. I just love the history and sense of family the team represents.

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The Rebirth Detective Comics team
The current Justice League line up
Rebirth TitanS
Birds of Prey

Teen titans go

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Justice league
Justice society of america
Legion of superheroes
The great ten
Birds of prey

Once again, another tough one but here we go: Silver Age Justice League of America, Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes, The NewTeen Titans, JSA (Geoff Johns) and The New Gods (original Jack Kirby version).

What no Suicide Squad? just cause there villains?

Hard to beat New Teen Titans with Marv Wolfman and George Perez

Justice League Dark (New 52 lineup)… But I would like to add Shade, The Creeper, and Manbat to the group.

Your list is awesome so allow me to add a couple my personal underdog favorites.

Freedom Fighters
Global Guardians
Legion of Substitute Heroes
Teen Titans West

  1. The Outsiders (team when Indigo was on it)
  2. Teen Titans (any version)
  3. Shadowpact!!!
  4. Birds of Prey
  5. The Movement