Too many Green Lanterns

There are 6 human Green Lanterns…If it were up to me, I would put each of them in a separate Corps to give them back their uniqueness (Guy goes back to the Red Lanterns for example). What do you all think? Who should go to which Corps?


I think it was a mistake to make Kyle a Green Lantern again. The White Lantern stuff with him was cool. And I think Simon Baz would make a good Blue Lantern. But I’d keep the rest Green.

I kind of want to see Guy as an orange lantern myself just think it would be neat.

Personally, I can’t stand the rainbow lanterns. It just feels kooky. Why isn’t there a brown lantern? Should there be a ring of indifference? A ring of haughtiness? Is the movie “Inside Out” a ripoff?

As far as having six lanterns all from the same planet and race (and a whole bunch more which look and behave just like humans from Earth), I think it’s lazy writing. I mean, with the entire universe to work with, the writer’s got the freedom to have all sorts of aliens. Why would they all be humanoid? Why would they all have the same personal problems as humans?

Giffen had a plotline which explained all the humanoid races, but I’m pretty sure that’s been retconned.

Hal’s walked away from the lanterns several times. So have Guy and John. I think there’s tons of good stories to be had with those characters without them having a ring.

I really don’t care how many human Lanterns there are because there are a ton of characters in the Corps just in general. The fact that 2814 has three times as many as any other sector and they’re all from the same planet is a little silly, but it’s a franchise about a space cop with a ring that projects hard light. If the characters are interesting and the plots are functional, a bit of silliness is more honest than detrimental. Six is admittedly a little cluttered. Pre-Flashpoint, Hal and John patrolling Earth in Green Lantern and Guy and Kyle as Honor Guards in Green Lantern Corps was a good division, but there’s no way to restore that without giving at least two of the current Lanterns the shaft.

I will say that while I don’t have any issue with multiple Corps existing, I do feel like the other Corps suck up too much space, so the franchise has become more about inter-Corps politics than the Green Lanterns actually doing their jobs.

I like all of the earth green lanterns I think they should do a Green lantern Corp series where every 6 issues they rotate the main lantern like the first 6 could be a Hal story the next 6 could be a Guy story so on and so on untill your back at Hal again it could be pretty cool idk some people may get annoyed by it but as long as each small 6 issue arc is wrapped up nicely I think it could work

Jessica Cruz needs a pink suit :slight_smile:

@mrjones_1980.54539, I’ve shared your sentiment for some time now. Maybe start by giving Jess a heroes death. Sorry don’t care for her.

I actually love Jess I like her more than Simon guy and Kyle tbh

I’m sure it’s difficult to not revert back to green with all these humans, since that’s what they started as. All I ask is that if they want to make ANOTHER human lantern, go with another color. Please. I’d love to read a story about a human being chosen by the Blue Lantern Corps. Or one with a horrible past that ends up with the Indigo Tribe.

I swear I’ve seen this post. Why is it only 5 minutes old? Did I hit a time loop?

Looks two weeks old to me. The most recent reply is the five-minute-old one.

Just kill off Jess and Simon then it’ll be perfect. :100:

I dont know… Sector 2814 always has a lot of serious things go down in it. The more Lanterns the merrier.

I always loved Kyle as the white lantern. I think he’d make a great blue. Ganthet even mentions putting all their hope in him when he’s given the last ring and Ganthet formed the Blue Corp so i feel that would be a natural progression. I also really enjoy Jessica as well and given her past trauma I think it would be cool to add her to the Sinestro Corp.

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