Tom Welling is in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Need I say more?


I’m not a fan of Smallville, but I’m still glad they talked him into making this appearance. Every Superman fan should get representation in COIE.

I hope we finally get him in the suit, but the Clark Kent bit makes me doubt it.

Anyone know if Laura Vandervoort will join too?

I never expected this! I had given up hope, because Tom and Michael Rosenbaum pretty much had said they were done with the roles.

This actually really excites me to no end, especially after months of speculation. I wonder if anyone else from the show will make an appearance.

I’m psyched about this. I believe without the success of Smallville there would be no Arrowverse.
I’m currently up to season 9 of Smallville on Hulu and it’s such a good show.

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Arrow 2911, that’s very true, and Marc Guggenheim paid respect to Smallville once this was announced, he said that without Smallville there’d be no Arrowverse.

Ecstatic to see Tom Welling joining the Crisis cast, but it will not be complete if Dean Cain does not make an appearance.


Now we just need smallville lex Luther please he was the best lex I have seen

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