To the people who are loving this

The pulled support for the Fire TV and tablet so I haven’t seen much of what’s on this service. What I have seen is not good. I had a spreadsheet of a ton of comics I wanted to read but those arcs aren’t on here and looks likes they won’t be with swiping in and out. DC is also Bein deceptively coy about purchasing full library next month. Since we’re so close to getting a full library which we never heard was coming and they haven’t mentioned a word about it, it must be something really terrible.

To the people that love this service, I see you lording over us in there’s forums. You tell us what fools we were to expect actual comics on this comics app. You tell us we should have done more research when all we did was believe the marketing. Tell us to be patient or that the service is great and you don’t know what we’re talking about. You’re going to wish more people were satisfied. This isn’t 10 years ago when apps were new. This is a instant gratification world and apps can succeed or fail based on launches. AT&T isn’t like Netflix. AT&T bought DC and became one of the largest corporate debt holders to do it. Netflix took a lot of debt to build their app, AT&T can’t take on any more debt. If they can’t get their crap together, they won’t be able to build out. And if that happens even the people loving it are going to be out of an option.



I mean who would have EVER expected a comic app to have comic books? It’s like going to a restaurant, being told they have no food on the menu, and then being told you’re a fool that you didn’t realize you were paying for how comfortable the chairs are.


I love this app and I believe I’m getting my moneys worth I think this app has amazing potential however why is acceptable for a company to release half baked produces. This is especially a problem for video games. A company releases something with amazing potential but the launch is below par. I am happy to see what this app turns into but the launch of the app was poor.

I had assumed that the comics selection would be very small and would likely consist of just a single issue or so of many titles. I’m actually surprised at how many comics are on here, though, and I keep finding surprising full runs or arcs of certain things, but most of the titles have only enough issues for you to try it out. But yeah, I assumed the focus would be on the movie and TV content (and I’m surprised each show is complete. I figured it would just be say only a single season available).

All that said, DC did keep promising that this was a service to read comics and they kept downplaying the issue of how much you would actually be able to read. They were acting like this was the next Marvel Unlimited. I wasn’t fooled by it. I knew what I was getting into. But that doesn’t mean everyone else realized this, or even should have realized it. They were promoting it as a comic subscription service alongside its streaming service, with very little mention of how, at least for most of the titles, it’s just meant to have you try the comics out before buying them.

This is all coming from someone who loves this service, by the way, and I actually think the $8 a month is worth it for what it does have. But I can definitely understand people’s frustration with it, since what was promised is not here.


Apparently some of you haven’t played some video games on launch day, or tried to play Warcraft on Patch day. Major launches can have issues. It’s just a thing that can happen. Using the Warcraft example, there are literally MILLIONS of people that shell out $15 a month for that and it has issues on large launch days. Give it time people. Everyone on here is acting very entitled. It would be different is the teams here were saying, “Sorry, you’re out of luck.” But instead, I bet if you ACTUALLY CONTACTED THEM INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING ON THE FAN FORUMS you’d get replies back that inform you of the efforts they are making to get things corrected.


I’ve got 7 unanswered tweets to DCU and 3 emails to support with no help in sight. I don’t know about video games, but I’ve seen thousands of good idea apps fail off the face of the because of launch issue. I assume some video games get updated but I bet some don’t and they stay bought. Apps can be dropped, I don’t think the comparisons there. I can’t do anything on this so I’m just trying to get my non-refundable $75 worth. Call it a cent of entertainment for each post?


At the Pre-Order price, I’m paying about $1.50 over the cover price of the average single comic per month. For that I am getting streaming video content, and a TON of comics to read. Just because they may not be comics on a spreadsheet that I wanted to get, doesn’t mean they don’t still have a lot. I’m a DC fan. Most of the arcs that I love, I already own. I got this because I figured it would get me into some thing that I don’t own. Which it has. I would agree, if you went in this with specific books in mind, you probably don’t think it’s worth it. If you went into it like I did, and just decided you would find something you haven’t read as a fan of DC, then you are probably enjoying it.


The bottom line for those who still don’t understand what this is really about is that this has nothing to do with what is or isn’t currently available. I can live with a small library that grows over time. I wasn’t expecting much to be here immediately. The issues are that they told us almost nothing about the comic availability and left out much of the fine print. The enthusiastic cheerleading really implied, although didn’t explicitly state to be fair, that this would be something that was at least going to be int he ballpark of what Marvel Unlimited was. What they didn’t tell us was that the cap of the library would be 2500. Or that we would have to purchase comics on top of the yearly fee. We keep hearing about comparing this to other subscription services and that’s a good idea. Netflix doesn’t charge for certain movies over a certain amount. Hulu doesn’t offer the beginning and ending of a season of tv but not the middle. If you can’t see that tactic for what it is than DC has a bridge in Brooklyn they might want to sell you. And why is it that the streaming stuff isn’t like that? Are seasons of Brave and Bold and Justice League missing episodes or only have the first 3 of a season? It makes no sense, DC/Warner is more likely to lose money on offering all of that and potentially limiting the chance to sell future dvd/blu ray box sets than in my wanting to read all of Haunted Tank or Jonah Hex.


I gotta say I tend to agree with knightnorth. This service seems to really offer very little. You get a few old TV shows and movies (very few of which are complete series), a way too quickly rotating small assortment of random comics (again very few full series) and one new original show that while looking decent is obviously on a budget, oh and an app that is just barely adequate for anything . One piece of original content, some stale leftovers and lots of promises.
I really want to see the new Swamp Thing so I hope this service makes it that long and maybe I’ll subscribe then, but until then it just doesn’t seem worth it. Maybe by then there will be some real content here.

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I am loving this service. There is no other service like this out there right now. Original media content, media library, encyclopedia, comics, community. It was advertised as a service to read comics, but it was never stated that it would be the full comic library. Same with the media. I also know that this service will continue to grow into something more with time. I don’t think anyone is a fool for being dissatisfied though nor have I implied so. You are within your right to be so. I truly hope that the service becomes everything you want it to be. I’m satisfied and enjoying it very much right now.


Well said, RayneKing.

You and I disagree with our opinions of this service, but we certainly agree on people having the right to differ in their expectations. I have great respect for someone who can accept that other opinions exist and can have a discussion without demeaning another’s position. Bravo.


Titans is good so far, though. And I am reading things I wanted to read. And I have discovered a couple of amazing details along. If they get a better strategy with the comic library and the rotation we could begin to think its worth $76. Right?

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I didn’t pay an extra dollar. It is a typo. jic

Knight I thought you cancelled? You are still here trolling why? Still saving to buy a $20 roku?


Foodini. I did get a refund. Apparently that doesn’t bar me from entry. You don’t hear me complaining so much anymore because this app is so much better when it’s free. It’s still not good, but it’s better. See, this post is from 4 weeks ago resurrected by someone doing a deep dive. Thanks for noticing.