To Nathan.Payson

Hey Nathan, I assume you’re using a scraper to get a list of the new comics each week. If I’m right, could you save the list to a spreadsheet (title, year/volume, issue number, and href) and share it?

Then, we could link it to ComicVine and pull down metadata about the individual issues (further populating more and more columns).

Then, we could use the search/sort/filter features of the spreadsheet. When you find what you want, click the link and go right to it.

Storylines might be a little more difficult. Perhaps they’d need to be on a second sheet.

If you’re not using a scraper, nevermind :grin:


I do not use a scraper! I used too but it got out of date when DC started making it easier to figure out without a scraper. I’m sorry! Love the idea though.

Btw, I captured some web responses from the site. They’re providing themselves with a ton of metadata that they’re not using. Stuff like creators, storylines, etc.

From a developer’s point of view, this is a good sign for the platform. If you’ve got good data, you can make a good app.