Better and better every week but where’s wondergirl or speedy they can do so much love this show

Maybe in season 2. I needy speedy for personal reasons.

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We’re just starting, literally, it can ruin a show if u just start throwing every character in right away. I totally agree Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Trigon etc etc need to (and will) be on Titans eventually. But it just started, some people are learning these characters for the 1st x. I’ve grown up with them for as long as I can remember & the pace is perfect right now. If they put all the characters in 6-7 eps into a brand new show, everyone would be saying this shows bottomed out before we even finished half of a season. I hope this doesn’t read as mean spirited cuz it’s not the tone I’m trying to convey, I’m just pointing out, we’re less then 10eps into a brand new show & waiting for characters,then finally seeing them,is so much better than putting them all on and leaving us with nothing to look forward too.