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Happy Saturday and happy fall season, @TitansTogether!

With this week’s new to retail release of Titans United: Bloodpact #1, I thought it’d be fun to look back on the series that preceded it, Titans United:

Discuss the series as you wish, and as you do, please be sure to check out these titanically tip-top covers for Titans United: Bloodpact #1 as well:

A/Main cover, by Eddy Barrows:

B cover, by Derrick Chew:

Hispanic Heritage Month variant, by Jorge Molina:

That’s the mission, Titans. GO…and enjoy. :slight_smile: :00_teen_titans:


Just ordered this. :+1:
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I bought the A cover in digital, but IDK…I might nab that variant next week at Yon Comic Shoppe, as it looks great.

The purple, white and pink all come together quite well to produce a piece worthy of Rachel, and then some.

Also: I’ll bet two bucks that the pose of Rach on that variant is used in cosplay photos for years to come.


She’s also pictured in purged mode here. Wondering if that has anything to do with the story or not. :thinking:


It might.

Then again, some variants have Jack and :poop: (and Jack left town) to do with the book they’re a variant of. Its just cool art for the sake of cool art, which is fine by me.

Either way, the more Raven, the better, I say.


Finished this one up yesterday and overall it was a decent story.

One thing I do want to mention first is that I like how this and other recent works by DC do stories that relate to other media. I remember the early days when Marvel movies were starting to get successful and how they would somewhat callously try to appeal to moviegoers. Spider-Man 3 comes out, and suddenly Peter’s back to wearing his black costume for…strange reasons. Captain America: Civil War comes out, so the comics have to do a Civil War 2.

This method I think is better – you got a lot of characters from season 3 of Titans, but instead of regurgitating the same plot, they invoke the comics in such a way that explains their dynamic and feels true to what we would normally see in the comics.

Anyway, good moves in terms of “baby’s first comic” aside, I also thought the plot was solid, I liked the gradual escalation and it kept things interesting. The focus on characters like Starfire, Jason and Conner were well done, and I liked some of the deep cuts they added in there – I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve actually cared about Lady Vic as a character. Art was also solid – very house style, but looks good and still had some good storytelling.

So yeah, overall, not a bad read. :slight_smile:

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Sam Raimi would say it was due to being overridden by producers and what they wanted in the movie.

I loved Civil War (the comic; the movie was pretty good too, but I prefer Winter Soldier out of the solo Cap joints), but I’ve yet to read Civil War 2. What If?: Civil War was pretty good, though.

Agreed. Titans United did enough to satisfy the “I like what’s on-screen, so let’s see what’s on the page.” element, while also being its own thing, so that if someone wasn’t watching season 3, they could still come to the comic and enjoy it on its own merits, just fine.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Any plans to read Titans United: Bloodlust?