TITANS season finale

I’m sorry, this show has so much potential but who ever keeps writing it is dropping the ball. How are they about to put the team together again and then kill off one of the main members… the fight scenes lack severely, the dialogue is some times cringe worthy. It seems like DC just can’t make shows without adding in a soap opera type feel or good fight scenes. I also sometimes get the feeling that Bruce isn’t actually Bruce and he’s more like a more free roaming Alfred. I can only count a handful of times this show has actually had me wanting more. As of recent this show is just lack luster/ boring.


so you watched a 13 episode season of a show you don’t like. ok noted.

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The season has definitely been uneven. I like all of the characters, but there are too many characters and too few episodes to do them justice.

That said I do think the final ep death was out of nowhere and I wonder if they’re not sure the actor could be back so they’re leaving it open?

Finale wise it would have made a lot more sense to have the…errr… “returned titan” handle a scene that Dick was in as it would have made more sense power set wise, but I guess they needed to show Dick leading the team.

I’m also concerned that they’re dialing down many of the character’s powers. I worry that it’s about budgeting, though at least it hasn’t been as blatant as cutting off Medusa’s hair in Inhumans. They’ve also been inconsistent. Donna couldn’t handle Deathstroke but can go toe to toe with Connor? I suppose randomly fluctuating powers are a constant in comics though.

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I’m not sure if I agree. You’re right, the whole Donna thing was… unexpected In the last 25 minutes I think. But I enjoyed every second of this show. That being said season three will be… different for sure. I can’t stand Starfire and it looks like that is the path they are taking. More into her history (and messed up family).

I’m really rooting for this series but they just have some major issues with how this season started and ended. They do a good job of building up the anticipation but sadly don’t deliver. So much potential and the suits are all on point and yeah Batman does seem more like Alfred. Yet still, I’m just glad someone is taking on the Titans. It is long over do, plus teen Titans, the animated series, set the bar pretty high!


Haha yeah

Indeed he does, or doesn’t. Hart to tell due to typo

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Lol thanks

Indeed I did, I like the TITANs I don’t like the writers, NightWing is one of my favorite characters. After this season though I don’t know if I can watch it. There’s more to the show that bothers me than what I’ve posted.

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I agree with you, build ups to fall flat. I will say when it does deliver, it delivers but most of the time it’s just I feel like the show could have gone in a better direction then it hits you with a “meh” ending. Maybe they haven’t done fight scenes a bunch due to choreography reasons but I was hoping for more. I’ve noticed they don’t all fight at the same time like I wish they would either it’s they take turns or like i said they lack the choreography skills to pull off such scenes. Bruce is so an Alfred figure lol.

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Completely agree!

I feel as if they dialed down the violence as well, I mean right from episode one we see dick destroying the drug dealers violently, what happened to that? That’s the whole reason I started watching in the first place. I feel as if Geoff Johns had something to do with that. Seeing as he doesn’t really like that kind of violence with his DC universe. To dark I guess but that’s the DC I love.

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I wish I could watch it. DC Universe took my money but says I don’t have premium membership. I’ve reached out to support each day since Friday 11/29.