Titans season 2 is the same as every cw show for children

I just found out that one of the main producers on this show is greg berlanti…. why is that relevant you ask? well his track record includes almost every terrible cw show you can imagine along with GREEN LATERN… you wanted to create a platform that was better then the cw so you bring a producer from the cw… im just trying to find out why titans, a show that has everything it needs to achieve greatness is becoming cheesy garbage. also I think that dc is deleting negativity towards titans so I want to test that theory.

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They are definitely NOT deleting anti Titans content. I’ve voiced my distaste for Titans pretty much the entire time I’ve been on here. DONT SPREAD CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!!

Believe it or not, some people like the CW shows, so don’t come on here trying to be rude to those people. That is NOT what the DCU community should stand for.

This was never about “creating a platform better than the CW”, DC Universe is the all encompassing DC streaming service. THAT is what it’s known for.

Greg Berlanti has been the head of Titans since day 1 (along Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and the soon to be released Stargirl). Nothing changed behind the scenes between season 1 and 2.

Basically, to sum it all up: don’t come onto the platform and spread conspiracy theories, don’t be rude towards other people because they don’t share your same tastes, don’t expect to have everything handed to you exactly how you want it and then complain when it’s not YOUR vision, and do a little bit of research before making claims.

Have a nice day…


Well said @OmniLad!

I think the reason why some people don’t like the Arrowverse shows is because they have a repetitive formula. Greg Berlanti and his producers created a style that is rather simplistic, but it works for a casual audience unfamiliar with the complex storytelling of comic books. Berlanti and his team did a great job with producing Titans and Doom Patrol because they were different and had a mature tone.

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It started off pretty strong, but it definitely started to weaken early on in season 2. I hope season 3 is better, but if it goes the way of Arrow, I’m done.

Nah, not even close. This is just a flat out inaccurate title for a topic for discussion in this community.

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Bertinali was not the production company for ST. He is for Stargirl, DP & Titans, as well as the CWVerse.

It is interesting that the Bertalini shows got picked up for second and Titans 3rd season. Swamp Thing maxes out it’s budget, had to cut from 13 to 10 episodes and had to wait a long time before it was picked up anywhere internationally (and that was Amazon.co.uk and I’d guess since it paid much tribute to Moore’s run, Amazon.co.uk got a decent deal on it since the show had been over for months before Amazon.co.uk acquired it.

Bettalini delivers his shows on time and in budget and has done so in ways to allow them to continue on as a reasonably profitable venture.

Like him or loathe him, you probably wouldn’t have much in the way of live action DC shows without him.

So if you find Titans and Doom Patrol not to your liking along with CWVERSE, you don’t like his productions. The truth is that any long episodic superhero show is, in structure like a soap opera. CW, Titans, DP, Stargirl, and even swamp thing. Soap opera is the structure for episodic drama based television. What was GOT if not a soap opera.


The Arrowverse is some of the best DC television ever.


Heck, superhero comics at their best are most like the soap opera genre.

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I mean, Arrow ran 8 seasons and launched a multi-show universe for CW, so I’m pretty sure Warner Brothers would love it if Titans “goes the way of Arrow.”


I see your point. I’d say the comics are more serial when at there best. Yeah you have the occasional maxi series like COIE, Watchmen, etc that go on for 12 episodes. I like to see a full story arc resolved every 3-4 issues.

There certainly has been a trend in recent years to create an on going saga, like what Johns did with GL Rebirth. That is very soap opera in structure. But, I think it’s ok to have a one (or two) shot where you tell a story. It builds upon the base of the character, but you don’t need 24 issues of backstory for it to make sense. I think it makes comics more accessible. It can be a bit daunting when you realize if you want to go through the entire John premise of the various colors of lanterns, you are talking like a 58 issue reading list.

Sure, having access the huge digital library DCU has is mondo useful. But, I remember the pre-digital days. Imagine coming into something like that half way through and realizing to really get the whole story you gotta lay out cash for 30+ back issues.


I love the arrowverse and everything on this app. They are are shows that have their flaws but deliver on being entertaining and heartfelt. I think there is definitely a generational gap between younger dc fans and older ones. I am the same age as most of the arrowverse cast so it’s easy to relate to although there are some over dramatic relationships lol. But that doesn’t ruin the shows for me.

Yeah superhero comics do feel like a soap opera sometimes. I mean it can be a lot to remember all the subplots and the main storyline for various series. For example, Scott Snyder’s Justice League is like a soap opera and an epic mashed into one!

I just think its used as a negative when its brought up when its really not… that isn’t to say I would prefer all comics in that style, i think its used way too much as a crutch instead of just te one really good single story